Saturday, June 11, 2011

MTDC first prac

Today was the first MTDC practice! It was quite fantastically fun, even though there were only 2 bassoonists. ^^ The Ang Mo Kio Secondary guy was at their Passing Out Parade, and the Tampines Secondary one didn't come, so it was just me and Sin Ching, this other girl from Xin Min Secondary. Hohoho. She is quite nice though! I was like, ohmygosh, how to find the other bassoonist! Everyone was like either saxophone or whatever. :'( But anyway, she's Sec3 hee! Yeah, this year quite a lot of Sec3 eh. Haha, I don't mind though. ;-)

The tutor didn't come today so this 'relief tutor' Peter came. He treated us as though we can't play at all, and that he wanted to get away from us as soon as possible, and he kept laughing at us. :'( Hmph. Aish, I just hope we never have to see him again! Teehee.

I must say, MTDC wasn't as horrible as I thought. :-) I thought I was gonna be some loner heh! And Ze Hui's mom allowed her to go for MTDC! WOOHOO. <3 Ok, that's all for now. :-)

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