Thursday, June 09, 2011

Good things

Today was so awesome! (Y) In the morning, met Rebecca earlier then headed to school for band. I think the band has improved, in terms of playing and attitude. :-) I'm so happy! We don't sound as terrible as Tuesday. Hohoho. And then after band, Rebecca, Ze Hui and I went to Orchard to fix Ze Hui's phone, 'cause her SIM card is damaged. Unsuccessful. :'( But then had Gong Cha and then McDonald's at Orchard Central and Centrepoint! Oh, and Rebecca's gonna get me Vans as a belated birthday gift. ^_^ But I felt bad 'cause it's quite expensive so I'm contributing like half the cost too. :-)

After that, went home with Rebecca as she forgot to bring her house keys. -__- Tsk tsk. We were supposed to go run to Bukit Batok Nature Reserve and back but Rebecca can't, eat too full already. So in the end made a U-Turn at Signature Park there. Hais. Anyway, bathed, then headed out to TRANS to fetch my brother, then 174-ed to school to meat my mom for dinner. I love food. ;-)

Went to Thai Noodle House and ate Beef Noodle Soup! Haha, I think their's is the best I've ever tasted. :-) Ok, went to school and had the Australian Briefing thing for parents. My dad was like reading the newspaper and asking alotalot of questions. After the briefing, I asked him and he told me that he pressured Ms Joey Poh into being the 'middle-person'. LOLOLOL. And everyone was like, "Jinwen! That's your dad?". Hahaha, abit paiseh. But still it's kinda cool to have a dad who intimidates teachers! XD

Haha, ok. Well, going Borders tomorrow, so bye! Oh and I got a new laptop. WOOHOO.

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