Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Long days short nights

It's been 10,000 years since I last posted but whatever. :-)

Last night I went to Jurong Point to watch X-Men: First Class with the family and I have to say, it was pretty darn awesome. ^_^ At first when my dad suggested it I was like "mehhhh" but well the movie really proved me wrong! I have never watched an X-Men film in my entire existence but this movie was not very hard to follow. I think it doesn't even have a relation to the X-Men series? I don't know, but that's not the point. Well, if you haven't watched it, you really should! It's quite difficult to understand at first because all the actors look the same and the setting is always changing, but after awhile it becomes clear who's "good" and who's "bad". Teehee!

This morning, I went to TRANS Student Care Centre to do my CIP hours. I was from there in like, P1 till P3? Anyway, the teachers still remember me and I really need the points so, why not? The little kids are not that little, like say P2-P4? About that range. They're quite annoying, but then again, most kids around that age are annoying. This little girl kept kicking my leg under the table 'cause I made her do one chapter of Math. Like what the hell? Ugh. But yeah the rest are pretty cool. :-) My brother also goes there, and still does, so the kids know me as "Junbin's sister" and the teachers know my brother as "Jinwen's brother". LOLOLOL. Haha, ok. I'll be going there again on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:30am to 12:30pm so if you want, you can come along. :-) Teehee.

Hmm. Lately things are kinda..wild? Time is just moving so fast! Last Friday was awesome though. I went shopping with my mom and brother and bought quite a lot of clothes! ^_^ Happygal97 here. I bought hot pink Havaianas (which cost a freaking $39.90 like oh my gosh), shiny black skinny jeans, grey skinny jeans, hot pink transparent wallet, white shorts, denim shorts, greyish-black front-pocket shirt, and Gong Cha!!!!! Hahahahahaha. Ok, nothing much I guess? :-) I think my holiday will be a boring one 'cause I'm broke and stupid. = study study study. :/ I'm going to save up all my lunch money until sometime near the Australia trip and go thrifting!!!! Hoho. Oh yes. Speaking of the Australia trip.

Oh my gosh the band's standard is like so jialat now! Most people don't even know they're scores. As in, they still don't know how the rhythm is like. It's totally off! Especially Flight of the Piasa. I can just die. Not saying that I'm very good, but still! I expected a lot more after the Silver from the SYF yknow. I'm just so disappointed with the standard of the band right now. Worse of all, people are still not serious about it and are slacking like nobody's business. Hey, we paid $2257 (well, some of us) for the trip and I don't want to just waste the money like that. If we continue to be like that, I don't even want to think about SYF 2013. Dang.

Oh and yesterday after band we (Jinwen, Lim An, Yu Rei, Kimberly, Tan Qi and Chloe) went for Section Lunch at Anchorpoint. At first we wanted to eat at Ikea (Alexandra) but it was too crowded, so I bought a hotdog and Tan Qi bought a hotdog + soft drink and we walked over to Xin Wang Cafe at Anchorpoint. I was kinda broke and full from the hotdog so just ordered a Mango Pudding + Ice Cream and it was suparr not worth it. -____- Anyway, had a lot of fun and laughs and yeah, I LOVE DOUBLEREEDS SECTION 2010-2011. Oh and I got into MTDC. Y A Y. But the only people I know who're going are Ze Hui, Sang Ah, Naasyidah and Pei Xuan. :/ Plus, Ze Hui is thinking of quitting. I SAID THINKING. But yeah, I don't wanna be a loner. :C Sadgal97.

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