Saturday, June 25, 2011

Changi flying

Hi hi hi hi hi!!!! It's been ages since I posted and I'm super high now hahaha. Today is such an awesome day! (Y) Went to school at 8:45am because my mom made me wake up early and waited for Regi at the canteen. Regi changed her specs and she looks like an old man now HAHAHA. Yeah, anyway we were supposed to help with the check-in of instruments at Changi Airport. EGGCITE. Well, it took quite fast for everything to be put in the lorry, so we split up, 5 go Regi's car, 5 go Eugenia's car. Actually supposed to be Regi, Sandra, Felicia and Charissa take Regi's car, Celestine, Victoria, Kai Wen, Si Yen and Eugenia take Eugenia's car and me and Lim An take Mr Teo's car, 'cause they didn't want to "split" up our section. :'( HAHAHA, but Sandra didn't come so I went to extra in Regi's car hehehe. ^_^ At the airport nothing much, but had random embarrassing fun with the other people yeah. :-) Mr Chew gave us $100 to eat lunch. XD SO NICE. HEHEHE. Went to eat Swensen's with Charissa, Regi, Felicia and Lim An. :-) I felt quite weird cuz I was like, the only Sec 2, but not that bad luh, cuz I know most of them. XD Ok actually just Lim An and Regi, but yeah. :-)

The instruments couldn't be checked-in, so hafta leave it in the lost-baggage area, grr. The tour agency made a mistake or something..? I'm not too sure. So anyway we were pretty much done and it was 1pm +++++ already so under ~pressure~ called Ms Emily to say i would be late for MTDC and went to Bugis with Regi. XD We were looking for the flea market but apparently it was canceled? -_____- then took neoprints and went to Ang Mo Kio hohoho. Walking to Ang Mo Kio Secondary School is so tiring! :'(

When I walked into the AVA Room Benjamin Yeo was saying something like "....and I will stare" and he point to me at the door. :/ I think I'm blacklisted HAHAHA. But 's ok I don't think he's my teacher...? XD HAHA. Yeah, MTDC was quite fun, cuz during the primary school's ensemble concert talked with Naasyidah and Sang Ah. :-) And combined was a total waste of time. We had to set up chairs and stands for 100+ people. -__- Ended up only at most 30 minutes of actual playing.

Anyway, the flight to Sydney is tomorrow! Ok, technically it's Monday, but it's a midnight flight! I totally can't wait! But I haven't even packed yet. And my dad is like, "un-allowing" me to bring my Converse and Havaianas. But the Nike shoes will totally NOT match at all! Amd I can't bring a super dirty + bloody flipflop to AUSTRALIA?!?!?! -_______- Eesh. It's ok, I'll be with my friends for 8 days! <3 WOOHOO.

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