Saturday, July 30, 2011


Pretty satisfied with today, though. MTDC was fun I guess. Mr Christoph gave me his old reed! Which is so much better than my mouldy one. I let Sin Ching break it - her first time breaking a reed! Yes I am a saint. ;-) Teehee.

Going to sign up for the 10km marathon in December! Ok it's not a lot but well it'll go into my NYAA Physical Recreation thing so yeah why not? :-)

Watching Into The Woods tomorrow after church, pretty eggcited I guess. I just want to run run run! Suddenly feel like running. Running all my troubles away.

Yep. I have troubles too. :-/ Don't we all.


Some random nice lady helped us take. (-:

2 idiots.

Hahaha there was no more glitter left so I just blew those on Jamie's hand. XD

Apparently blowing is very fail.

Constipating on the railways.

These are my homies yo.

I whip my hair back and forth.


The bimbo wave. ;-)

Inner peace.

I eat rocks.

Uh huh act chio much! (-:

This looks horrible and cool so yeah. :-D

Yep blowing sux.

I kinda like this but my face spoils everything as usual. :-(

Plank!!!!! Ms Karen gonna be so proud of me. :')


Ts-k ts-k. ;-)

Happy idiots.


We are glitter fairies we bring glitter and joy everywhere.

YOUR EYES ARE SO BIG!!!!!!!!! <3


Cloudy With A Chance Of Eyeballs. ;-)

Master Oog Way forever man.

Some people have no talent. :-/

"I'm ready to hustle"



Ok I guess I'm done. (-:

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yesterday, I went to Suntec City for the Biotech Fair presentation. (-: Spotted Daryl and Wayne there! Teehee, they didn't see me though. :-/ Well, the presentation was alright I guess. But I think we were a little unprepared, in regards of the experiment, sigh. I kind of wanted to win something! The questions the judges asked us were really UHHHHHHH kind of questions. MINDBLOWN. Teehee!

Today is the Prize-Giving Ceremony for the Fair and I didn't go because I wanted to go home and finish up my art, which is due tomorrow! Finally done drawing the slinky. SMALL BUT TIRING. :-( Haha anyways back to the point, Sonia told me that Hwa Chong won like half of the prizes! I guess RI won the other half then. -_______- troll face. LOL.

Today had Trinity and Science Common Test. Everyone was dead scared and I got ~influenced~ too. See, this is the result of being in a super competitive and kiasu class. XD But I think I did pretty alright for both. Trinity wasn't as scary, and the examiner really looked interested in what I was saying! :D But the summary was a killer. I got The King's Speech, which is one of the hardest. :-/ And for Science, well, there isn't much to say is there? All I can say is that listening in class and writing notes really do work! I didn't really study for it, haha, just a few minutes before Assembly. (-:

Ok, tomorrow will be a SUPER long day! After school, there's this compulsory Science Enrichment thing for 2/1 and 2/2. Sigh. Then after that meeting Jamie at Coronation's Starbucks to go Busybees together. ;-) Can't wait! If there's time, we'll be taking photos at the tracks at Rail Mall! <3

Monday, July 25, 2011


So. Tired. Now. Oh gosh! Just finished a weheartit photo downloading spam! Hahah, the photos are so nice! Better than Tumblr! I don't know what the craze about Tumblr is, I mean, I don't get it. seriously. But then again, I used to "not get" Twitter. I'm technology slow, teehee! Oh yes, speaking of Twitter, I'm so annoyed at it! My computer can't seem to load it properly, sigh. :'(

Today was so tiring! We had a Math Class Test, which is like 30% of our CA grade? I think I screwed up one-third of it. :'( And then there was a LAP Newspaper Writing report test thing, which I'm just so-so about. Finally done with all the tests for this week! Well, except for Science which is on Thursday. (-:

But in the morning during PE, we were playing touch rugby and me and Minhui kept trying to shuffle! XD I was so fail can, but there were some (cough) good ones! HAHAHA. I was too busy trying to shuffle that I let Minhui score a goal. D: Epic fail. I LOVE TOUCH RUGBY CLASSES! Oh and I took my height-and-weight, I grew by 2cm!!!!!!!!!!! But I gained 1 kg. -_______-

My mom arranged with Ms Chua for me to do CIP tomorrow and Wednesday at TRANS from 3:30pm till 6:00pm 'cause I need ~hours~ for NYAA. Also, 'cause this week and next is band break, I'll be super free! But now I think I will hardly have time for rest. :-/ Sob.

Oh yes! I just recieved the day and time for my Grade 6 piano exam! It's on 19 August at 12:02pm! That means I can skip class!!!!!! WOOHOO. Ok, stop laughing at me I know I'm a nubz, still at Grade 6. :-/ BUT HEY I STARTED WHEN I WAS 9! Hahahahahahaha.

The MTDC Ensemble concert should be on the 10th of September, since Ms Emily said our camp will be 8th, 9th and 10th September and the last day will be the concert day. I AM QUITE EGGCITED!!!!!!!!! Teehee! I like the songs that we're (hopefully) gonna play, especially Amparito Roca o m g. <3 That song is like *retard face*!!! HAHA I WANT MANY MANY PEOPLE TO COME SUPPORT ME. XD Ok, yeah, will start bugging people to go when it's nearer the time. TEEHEE.

Oh wow I feel like Nigahiga, ending off with a TEEHEE. Kthxbai. ;-)

Friday, July 22, 2011


Well so i'm back from Australia and it was so awesome! Bonded a lot with fellow bandies and yeah, don't really feel like elaborating much. Quite tiring huh.

Anyway today at school I was c o m p l e t e l y lost. I don't understand anything at all!!!! That makes me feel insecure HAHAHA. Oh gosh, I'm so totally gonna have extra remedial with teachers. I DON'T WANT TO BE STUPID.

I guess it's time to post the very overdue Australia photos? :-)

(Edit: Something went wrong with the photo uploading, so I'll post the links of the photo albums here and you can look through them there! I might re-format this post again when I do have the time.)

Photos: I II III

Speech Day 2011

Well, as you all know (or might not), today was Speech Day! I didn't win anything but got to perform. (-: Next year I am so gonna get something! I think Valerie got $1,000 in total?
U N F A I R M U C H! :'( Ok well she deserved it. :-)

Anyway, it was really fun playing for the ~crowd~! For one, they were pretty enthusiastic I guess? And well we played really well I think! I am so proud of the band. ^^ It's the last time we're every gonna play Flight of the Piasa and The Singapore Flyer. Sigh, the memories. XD But I'm quite sick of Flyer already. Flight is forever young! XD

Hmm, didn't take much photos, pity. And they aren't with me, so shall post it up when the others upload it!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Railway tracks

It's been so long. ;-) Today went to the railway tracks, and it was s u p e r c r o w d e d. But kinda expected though. I went with family so didn't really take much ~photos~, sigh. #foreveralone. LOL. Anyway, it's quite sad that the railway is gonna close 'cause it's a really nice place to take those tumblr-ish photos! :'( I don't really know any grassy fields and all that, sigh again.

Well, MTDC yesterday was quite fun, I guess. I just want to faster bond with my sectionmates! XD

Nothing much, my life is so boring now.