Friday, July 22, 2011

Speech Day 2011

Well, as you all know (or might not), today was Speech Day! I didn't win anything but got to perform. (-: Next year I am so gonna get something! I think Valerie got $1,000 in total?
U N F A I R M U C H! :'( Ok well she deserved it. :-)

Anyway, it was really fun playing for the ~crowd~! For one, they were pretty enthusiastic I guess? And well we played really well I think! I am so proud of the band. ^^ It's the last time we're every gonna play Flight of the Piasa and The Singapore Flyer. Sigh, the memories. XD But I'm quite sick of Flyer already. Flight is forever young! XD

Hmm, didn't take much photos, pity. And they aren't with me, so shall post it up when the others upload it!

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