Monday, July 25, 2011


So. Tired. Now. Oh gosh! Just finished a weheartit photo downloading spam! Hahah, the photos are so nice! Better than Tumblr! I don't know what the craze about Tumblr is, I mean, I don't get it. seriously. But then again, I used to "not get" Twitter. I'm technology slow, teehee! Oh yes, speaking of Twitter, I'm so annoyed at it! My computer can't seem to load it properly, sigh. :'(

Today was so tiring! We had a Math Class Test, which is like 30% of our CA grade? I think I screwed up one-third of it. :'( And then there was a LAP Newspaper Writing report test thing, which I'm just so-so about. Finally done with all the tests for this week! Well, except for Science which is on Thursday. (-:

But in the morning during PE, we were playing touch rugby and me and Minhui kept trying to shuffle! XD I was so fail can, but there were some (cough) good ones! HAHAHA. I was too busy trying to shuffle that I let Minhui score a goal. D: Epic fail. I LOVE TOUCH RUGBY CLASSES! Oh and I took my height-and-weight, I grew by 2cm!!!!!!!!!!! But I gained 1 kg. -_______-

My mom arranged with Ms Chua for me to do CIP tomorrow and Wednesday at TRANS from 3:30pm till 6:00pm 'cause I need ~hours~ for NYAA. Also, 'cause this week and next is band break, I'll be super free! But now I think I will hardly have time for rest. :-/ Sob.

Oh yes! I just recieved the day and time for my Grade 6 piano exam! It's on 19 August at 12:02pm! That means I can skip class!!!!!! WOOHOO. Ok, stop laughing at me I know I'm a nubz, still at Grade 6. :-/ BUT HEY I STARTED WHEN I WAS 9! Hahahahahahaha.

The MTDC Ensemble concert should be on the 10th of September, since Ms Emily said our camp will be 8th, 9th and 10th September and the last day will be the concert day. I AM QUITE EGGCITED!!!!!!!!! Teehee! I like the songs that we're (hopefully) gonna play, especially Amparito Roca o m g. <3 That song is like *retard face*!!! HAHA I WANT MANY MANY PEOPLE TO COME SUPPORT ME. XD Ok, yeah, will start bugging people to go when it's nearer the time. TEEHEE.

Oh wow I feel like Nigahiga, ending off with a TEEHEE. Kthxbai. ;-)

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