Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yesterday, I went to Suntec City for the Biotech Fair presentation. (-: Spotted Daryl and Wayne there! Teehee, they didn't see me though. :-/ Well, the presentation was alright I guess. But I think we were a little unprepared, in regards of the experiment, sigh. I kind of wanted to win something! The questions the judges asked us were really UHHHHHHH kind of questions. MINDBLOWN. Teehee!

Today is the Prize-Giving Ceremony for the Fair and I didn't go because I wanted to go home and finish up my art, which is due tomorrow! Finally done drawing the slinky. SMALL BUT TIRING. :-( Haha anyways back to the point, Sonia told me that Hwa Chong won like half of the prizes! I guess RI won the other half then. -_______- troll face. LOL.

Today had Trinity and Science Common Test. Everyone was dead scared and I got ~influenced~ too. See, this is the result of being in a super competitive and kiasu class. XD But I think I did pretty alright for both. Trinity wasn't as scary, and the examiner really looked interested in what I was saying! :D But the summary was a killer. I got The King's Speech, which is one of the hardest. :-/ And for Science, well, there isn't much to say is there? All I can say is that listening in class and writing notes really do work! I didn't really study for it, haha, just a few minutes before Assembly. (-:

Ok, tomorrow will be a SUPER long day! After school, there's this compulsory Science Enrichment thing for 2/1 and 2/2. Sigh. Then after that meeting Jamie at Coronation's Starbucks to go Busybees together. ;-) Can't wait! If there's time, we'll be taking photos at the tracks at Rail Mall! <3

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