Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hug dealer

I made a deal with Kelley, if I hugged everyone in class, she'd hug me. I think this is like one of the rare times she ~initiates~ a hug. XD Teehee, she is such a qt. Then Felicia dared me $2.50 to hug someone for 15 seconds. HAHAHA.

Daphne's 14th!

Don't really feel like posting about Daphne's party so shall just let the pictures tell the story! :-)

A picture speaks a thousand words, no?

Silly Kelley.


Toilet so pawesome.


Dancin' dancin' dancin' dancin'


Sweaty and gross from MTDC.

Thou art tall.

Candlelight dinner.

Hahaha we were doing the shoulder to shoulder twist thing. ^_^

I am a gr8 ph0t0gr4ph3r.


I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 3:00 AM in da morning~~~~

Ahlianzxc si0l.

That is all. :-)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Random Band/MTDC update

Yesterday's MTDC was alright, but Theory class was super funny! Mr Khoo was teaching some really complicated thing that I think only the RI and Hwa Chong dudes (uh huh) understand and then I started tearing. Like super random tearing. Then Mr Khoo was like "Eh, why you cry? Is this so sad that you want to cry?" and all that joke joke thing. Then he said "Aloysius go comfort her!" HAHAHA ohmygosh. Aloysius is this Ang Mo Kio Secondary trumpet guy and he's quite nice but also ask super dumb questions sometimes. XD Ok super weird.

(Oopz sorry wrong order of sequence, teehee)
Oh, and during band, as in school band, we celebrated Ms Chong's birthday!! There was cake and song and all that. :-) The surprise was ruined though. She heard us practicing the Happy Birthday song from outside. -___- Troll face. Hahaha anyway, the Sec 1s joined us to rehearse the recital pieces and I think they are better than us when we were Sec 1! GAZP. Owellz it's a good thing I suppose. ^^ And and Ms Chong's friend made us potato casserole thing. It's so yummy! ^^ I ate like 3half portions l u l. Pig4lyf man.

Hm, went for lunch at Ze Hui's house and Sang Ah came too 'cause I asked (begged) her and the Australian $2 coin said so. XD Had so much fun playing with Ze Hui's dog, Buffy! He looks really fierce but after awhile it's quite cute. :-) Sang Ah and I were like competing for his love. Boohoo. :'(

Ok, nothing much. :-) I urgently need to pee now.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


It's been long since I've posted. :-) Ok not really that long, teehee. Anyway, today was the first band practice since the break after Speech Day! (-: Woah, even though we didn't play much (Choreography, Seventy-Six Trombones, Recess Rock, Yellow Bird), my lips were so tired! This shows how out-of-touch I am. XD OOPZ. Haha, but the reed my tutor gave (donated) to me was like super hard! :'( Ok but better than mouldy reed. ^_^

School today was alright, but I'm still in the holiday mood now. :-/ Sigh~~~ It's less than 50 days to End Of Year Exams already! And I think I'm being super paranoid now. Like, whenever people get higher marks than me for tests and all, I'll feel super scared. :-/ I don't like that. Ugh, now even an A1 is not good enough. S T R E S S.

Oh well, the last day for me to truly relax before the mega-mug will be Saturday! After MTDC, I'll be going to Daphne's birthday paaaardaaaay! :-D WOOHOO. It's at some hotel and we're gonna stay overnight! (Y) Super eggcited! Even though most people there are like the 2/1 people who aren't from 1/1, I guess it's always good to make new friends, yeah? :-) FUN. FUN. FUN. FUN.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

National Day 2011


Started my National Day at 10am today and hung out with mahself around the house until lunch. Uh huh I have such a busy social life. After lunch went to swim at Jurong Country Club with the family. It's been a g e s since I last swam thanks to MTDC so I kind of sucked. :-P Originally planned to do 20 laps to exercise + tan but only managed to do 16 before we had to go. :'(

Went to Uncle Jeff's house for small group. And to celebrate his birthday I guess. There was cake! I think one of the other small group people bought Koi for everyone!!! WOOHOO. So all the fats I lost swimming was gained back. S i g h.

Anyway I was super anti-social throughout the whole thing teehee. Owellz. :-/ Ok after that went back home to read my book. Nerd4lyf. ;-) And well yeah, I read the book within a day and it's so nice!!! It's called How To Say Goodbye In Robot. :-P Damn saddening. :'( Sniff sniff.

Oh yes, went to check out the piano at the exam studio yesterday and IT SUCKED. I hate that piano!! The sound is like so weird ohmygosh. And my exam is next Friday!!!!!! Super scared but what to do? Only can practice until my fingers fall off.

Ok enough with my boring-ness. These are some pikchures taken during National Day Celebrations yesterday.

Trying to piggyback Joanne. (-:

I always manage to look constipated. Sigh.


Fish Eye is beauty.

Uh huh.

Y A Y I like this one. :-)

Kelley looks so traumatized l u l.

Pedo x maximum.

Aw 2 pedos together. <3


We have c00l sh03s.

I just got punched. I'm so hated. :'(

Minhui is so 3xtr4.



P.S. President S R Nathan didn't sing the whole national anthem and pledge!!!! Oh and the Zach kid dude is Joshua's friend w o w.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Blog stats

This is quite cool I found out that my previous blog had audiences from
Singapore 1,153

United States 179

Hong Kong 163

Germany 35

Canada 11

United Kingdom 11

Denmark 9

Malaysia 7

France 4

Luxembourg 3

Not bad, haha. Ok I think I kind of "hid" that blog 'cause it had a lot of weird stuff....and yeah. XD Primary school kids have no idea what they're doing. ;-)

Oh yes, there's a lot of Sec 1s outside Pei Hwa now sigh where are all the Sec 2s!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

26. pre-National Day

There's a really annoying fly flying around me now. I fail at slapping flies. Le sigh.

Just came home after eating lunch and church! Ate at Ang Mo Kio Hub, quite expensive. :'( ~heartbreak~ Then afterwards went for durian! It was so damn nice but it's also $40. -____- Teehee. Owellz, I guess it's a "reward" for my dad? Because today he was the translator dude at church, his first time. ^^

Ok, slacking today 'cause I'm damn tired. Friday and Saturday hardcore studying siolz. Gonna go to the stadium to ~run~ later! Eggcited. I love running it always makes me feel so high. ^_^

Tomorrow is National Day Celebration!! I can't wait to camwhore with my friends. :-) And we're going to paint our faces! How cool is that. K not very but still! But the anticlimax is that I can't go out after 'cause I hafta pick up my brudda from school. :-/ Owellz. Might be going out on Wednesday though. And Daphne's birthday bash! EGGCITE x infinite.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

MTDC update

MTDC was super fun today!

Theory was in sections, about transposition. Quite boring I guess, 'cause I learnt it already in ABRSM Theory. :-P

Combined practice was so fun! We (bashoonies) kept on doing the ~bounce~ thing o m g hilarious. Ok it sounds silly now but it was funny whilst it happened. (-: Then, the trombone people behind us saw what we were doing and I felt so embarrassed. XD I have learnt that I am not only a public embarrassment, I am an embarrassment anywhere. XD

Hahaha, oh, and the conductor guy (oops I forgot his name) said that by the Ensemble Concert we have to master all the Major scales, and if we fail an audition, we'll get ~kicked out~. :'( I don't want to get kicked out! So I guess I'm just going to hardcore practice. :-/ Major scales, including the shitty F# Major and stuff like that. E W W. Haha ok, but then I guess it's just to make sure that only good players are playing, if not the whole band will ~KABOOM~. :-(

Ok, going to do homework now. Yes I am a nerd. 8)

Demon apples

I'm so t i r e d! I slept at 2am last (this) night (morning) and woke up at 7:30am-ish without alarm. How screwed is that? Was up last night doing LAP homework and reading Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone. Haha yes I'm a nerd. 8) And also, yeah, this is the first Harry Potter book I'm reading. I'm not a big fan of Harry Potter (yet), but since everybody's like so psyched about it, I just wanted to read abit, see if I liked it. ;-) Teehee. So far, I'm at page 151 and the story is pretty interesting but can be a little draggy and long-winded. :-/ Owellz, I will persevere! I will survive~!~!~!

Later going for MTDC, even though I'm r e a l l y r e a l l y t i r e d. x___x Sigh. But at least going to really relax during the National Day Holidays! That's why I'm rushing to finish all my homework..on a Friday night. L U L.

Oh yes, here are the Home Econs practical on the effects of heat on apples. It's been quite a while since I posted pix so yeah. ^^ Teehee.

The control.


Stir-fried. Yes this is a demon apple.

Boiled. Potato apple! .....ew.

Family shot.

Scary pedos 4 lyf.

My super fail ahlian bunzxc. Hahaha, I was trying to curl my hair! ...and it worked, #justsoyouknow. ;-)

I am a 7th month ghost.

Alright that's all for now. (-:

P.S. Finally, after 9 hours, the Science Enrichment thing is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FYEAH.