Sunday, August 07, 2011

26. pre-National Day

There's a really annoying fly flying around me now. I fail at slapping flies. Le sigh.

Just came home after eating lunch and church! Ate at Ang Mo Kio Hub, quite expensive. :'( ~heartbreak~ Then afterwards went for durian! It was so damn nice but it's also $40. -____- Teehee. Owellz, I guess it's a "reward" for my dad? Because today he was the translator dude at church, his first time. ^^

Ok, slacking today 'cause I'm damn tired. Friday and Saturday hardcore studying siolz. Gonna go to the stadium to ~run~ later! Eggcited. I love running it always makes me feel so high. ^_^

Tomorrow is National Day Celebration!! I can't wait to camwhore with my friends. :-) And we're going to paint our faces! How cool is that. K not very but still! But the anticlimax is that I can't go out after 'cause I hafta pick up my brudda from school. :-/ Owellz. Might be going out on Wednesday though. And Daphne's birthday bash! EGGCITE x infinite.

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