Saturday, August 06, 2011

Demon apples

I'm so t i r e d! I slept at 2am last (this) night (morning) and woke up at 7:30am-ish without alarm. How screwed is that? Was up last night doing LAP homework and reading Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone. Haha yes I'm a nerd. 8) And also, yeah, this is the first Harry Potter book I'm reading. I'm not a big fan of Harry Potter (yet), but since everybody's like so psyched about it, I just wanted to read abit, see if I liked it. ;-) Teehee. So far, I'm at page 151 and the story is pretty interesting but can be a little draggy and long-winded. :-/ Owellz, I will persevere! I will survive~!~!~!

Later going for MTDC, even though I'm r e a l l y r e a l l y t i r e d. x___x Sigh. But at least going to really relax during the National Day Holidays! That's why I'm rushing to finish all my homework..on a Friday night. L U L.

Oh yes, here are the Home Econs practical on the effects of heat on apples. It's been quite a while since I posted pix so yeah. ^^ Teehee.

The control.


Stir-fried. Yes this is a demon apple.

Boiled. Potato apple! .....ew.

Family shot.

Scary pedos 4 lyf.

My super fail ahlian bunzxc. Hahaha, I was trying to curl my hair! ...and it worked, #justsoyouknow. ;-)

I am a 7th month ghost.

Alright that's all for now. (-:

P.S. Finally, after 9 hours, the Science Enrichment thing is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FYEAH.

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