Sunday, August 14, 2011

Random Band/MTDC update

Yesterday's MTDC was alright, but Theory class was super funny! Mr Khoo was teaching some really complicated thing that I think only the RI and Hwa Chong dudes (uh huh) understand and then I started tearing. Like super random tearing. Then Mr Khoo was like "Eh, why you cry? Is this so sad that you want to cry?" and all that joke joke thing. Then he said "Aloysius go comfort her!" HAHAHA ohmygosh. Aloysius is this Ang Mo Kio Secondary trumpet guy and he's quite nice but also ask super dumb questions sometimes. XD Ok super weird.

(Oopz sorry wrong order of sequence, teehee)
Oh, and during band, as in school band, we celebrated Ms Chong's birthday!! There was cake and song and all that. :-) The surprise was ruined though. She heard us practicing the Happy Birthday song from outside. -___- Troll face. Hahaha anyway, the Sec 1s joined us to rehearse the recital pieces and I think they are better than us when we were Sec 1! GAZP. Owellz it's a good thing I suppose. ^^ And and Ms Chong's friend made us potato casserole thing. It's so yummy! ^^ I ate like 3half portions l u l. Pig4lyf man.

Hm, went for lunch at Ze Hui's house and Sang Ah came too 'cause I asked (begged) her and the Australian $2 coin said so. XD Had so much fun playing with Ze Hui's dog, Buffy! He looks really fierce but after awhile it's quite cute. :-) Sang Ah and I were like competing for his love. Boohoo. :'(

Ok, nothing much. :-) I urgently need to pee now.

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