Saturday, August 06, 2011

MTDC update

MTDC was super fun today!

Theory was in sections, about transposition. Quite boring I guess, 'cause I learnt it already in ABRSM Theory. :-P

Combined practice was so fun! We (bashoonies) kept on doing the ~bounce~ thing o m g hilarious. Ok it sounds silly now but it was funny whilst it happened. (-: Then, the trombone people behind us saw what we were doing and I felt so embarrassed. XD I have learnt that I am not only a public embarrassment, I am an embarrassment anywhere. XD

Hahaha, oh, and the conductor guy (oops I forgot his name) said that by the Ensemble Concert we have to master all the Major scales, and if we fail an audition, we'll get ~kicked out~. :'( I don't want to get kicked out! So I guess I'm just going to hardcore practice. :-/ Major scales, including the shitty F# Major and stuff like that. E W W. Haha ok, but then I guess it's just to make sure that only good players are playing, if not the whole band will ~KABOOM~. :-(

Ok, going to do homework now. Yes I am a nerd. 8)

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