Thursday, September 01, 2011

ACES/Teachers' Day 2011

A lot of things happened these few days (weeks) oh gosh. I feel very stressed and annoyed. So many things to do, so little time. I seriously need to learn how to manage my time properly. My grades are getting worse and worse and oh gosh. Why can't we have ALL good grades, social life and sleep together! Sigh.

Anyway, today was ACES Day and Teacher's Day. For ACES Day we did this dance routine, the Cha Cha thing? Owellz, everyone just knows it for the line "and this time....we gonna get FUNKY funky funky". HAHAHA oh gosh, this is another example of the St. Marg's spirit! (-: Cooke didn't win though, Tolley did. :-( I think we were the worse 'cause we were the first house to go and everyone was not warmed up yet. Hahahaha, owellz it's just a inter-house competition. :-)

The class party thing was super fail. At least got to camwhore with Felicia, Megan, Minhui, Joanne! Hahah, I love camwhoring with them. ^^ PHOTOBOMBED. Also got back progress reports. I think I did pretty well..........except for Art. I FAILED ART. -____- A D7!!! And the rest of the subjects were like A1s, A2s, B3 and C5. Like that how to be Top 15 in level!!!!!!!!!

After school, came home and slacked awhile with Joanne. Finally got one part of the Chinese holiday homework done. Among all the subjects, I think Chinese has the most homework. :-( WHY.

Later on went to Pei Hwa. Super mega awkward turtles pl0x. Everyone was pretty clique-y and I felt awkward 'cause I don't really know anyone there so kind of just stoned with Joanne. :-/ Loners4lyf. Anyway Ms Loh still remembers me so yep can say that I'm ~satisfied~! :-)

Cheryl came too late - just when they were chasing us out. :-( Really miss her so much oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went to Bukit Timah Plaza to chill awhile and talk. :-) I really miss her. <3 Oh and we saw Jack and his group of friends there also hahaha #weird.

That's pretty much it. I don't feel like blogging now, quite depressed.

Tomorrow's Victoria's birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR! :-) She's so awesome gosh I wish we could p a r d y but nuuuuuuu, we are nerds so. :-/