Friday, October 28, 2011

Goodbye, lower sec life

The school year is finally over!! HECKYEAH. It's been a really long year for me and I am so glad it's over. This year, I concentrated more on my academics and was more introvert-ed but I guess it paid off. Report books were out and I was 2nd in class! WOOHOO. 1st is Rebecca Low whose percentage is higher than me by 0.4%. I KNOW RIGHT. *shoot myself* So close, yet so far. :'(

Well, I still think I will be able to get the scholarship as I'm within the Top 16 in 2/1! :-) But yeah, really really w a s t e d. What's more, it was my Art that pulled me down. -________________________- Troll. But I guess I should be grateful for these results! The closest I've ever got was 5th position in Primary 2. TROLOLOL.

Today was pretty good I guess. Did nothing in school but take pictures. ;-) Joanne brought her dad's school's DSLR and Felicia and Minno also brought theirs and we all camwhored like crazy chix. ^_^ Dallies really bought Joanne a polaroid and we used up like 9 of her 10 films. HAHAHA, Joanne was really nice and gave us each one ~free~ polaroid. Teehee. I'm so going to ask for a polaroid as a gift for my ONE YEAR OF HARD WORK! Whoop.

Going to go for Bzb later with Jamie so yeah. This is like, the 3rd last Bzb with her!! My mom went to transfer me to the Sunday class next year while Jamie is still on the waiting list. :'( Boohoo. Going to miss Jamie + Big Guy + Big Eye + Fwankz + Big Toenail + Dephne + Alicia + Amelia + Tiny Guy + Ugly Stepsisters alot. :'( Actually no, just Jamyz and K and Big Guy. AHAHAHA ok bye.

Will update with the photos when Joanne, Felicia and Minno uploads them! ;-)

Monday, October 24, 2011


WOOOHOOOO we got back our results last Friday and today! I am very pleased. ;-) I think I did rather well this time. Maybe it's because my parents confiscated my phone + Facebook and Twitter ban. Hurhurhur. For once I beat Victoria in everything except for Science and Home Ec.!!!!!!! FEEL THE EGGCITEMENT.

I think I also owe the good results to the consistent hard work and lack of social life I had this year. LOL. But yeah, srsly! I went out like less than 10 times this year! Going to eat lunch / dinners are not counted. (-: And well yeah, to get the 'A's at the end of the year, it is so worth it. I'm not boasting or anything but....yeah I'm prouda myself! ;-) Can't wait for the report cards to come out! I want to see my level position. 8)

Everyone is talking about subject combinations next year and honestly, I don't know what I want! Most people are going for Biology instead of Physics but my dad advised me to take Physics. :-/ I think that's just because he thought I had no hope for triple science. XD My science paper I scored very well for Bio but I think I enjoy Physics more. :/ Except for Light. Oooooooh burn. And I want to take pure Literature and elective History. No Geog for me!!!!! :@ Yeah, rly clueless. Let me list out pros and cons. LOL.

- A lot of memorizing.
- Need Bio to become doctor.
- I'm better at it. ;-)

- Just like math (= WHOOOP!)
- Engineering..?
- I am horrible at Light. :'(

- I wanna be a lawyer.
- Easier for me.

YUP. Ok I still have no idea what I want. I think there is going to be a talk on the whole streaming fiasco tomorrow so yeah I should just chill. ~ 8D

Had so much fun in school today! In the morning, there was this beetle-like insect around Kelley's table. It kind of fell on the floor and Megan used Kelley's chair to squish it. D i e. And when she squished the chair down on the insect, the crunching sound was SUPER LOUD and horrible! Oh gosh I can still hear the ~crunch~. I was so disgusted and Megan kept taunting me with the ~crunch~ the entire day arghasdfghjkl. Hahah but it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience LUL.

Also, me, Minno and Kelley kept on singing My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas. It was stuck in my head the entire weekend! And what's worse, the only part I know is the "She's got me spending, spending all your money on me, and wasting time on me" and the "MIX YO MILK WITH MA COCO PUFF, MILKY MILKY COCO" etc. LOL. The constant horrible singing pissed Stephanie and Jia Zhen off in the Chapel HAHAHA. I sat in the middle of them and they kept trying to shut me up but the music JUST CAN'T STOP! ;-) Teehee! I love Minno , Joanne and Kelley so much. I can't bear to leave them next year! :'(

On the 174, Cheryl Chong was on the bus and I didn't recognize her at all until she screamed. As usual. HAHAHA. Talked a lot with her on the bus and I think her friend was quite annoyed because I kept talking to Cheryl. Oops. :/ But yeah had so much fun and laughter catching up with Cheryl! ^^ I miss her so much. :'(

Well, that's pretty much it. All I can say is, I love my results. ;-) I rly hope it's enough to qualify me for scholarship! I think it is the top 10% of the cohort will get it. :-) Means top 30. *crosses fingers*

Studying hard is very tiring and you get little or no social life but I guess it's worth it lah. :/ BAND STARTS TOMORROW!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sick, like half the cohort

I'm tired. Results are going to be out tomorrow and I'm really scared. I don't think I'll fail but I really want straight As so bad. I know I shouldn't be complaining but still, I have high expectations. :'( Sob sob.

Didn't go to school today 'cos I was ~sick~. When my mom called the school to tell them I wasn't coming, the reception woman (?) was like "What happen?! Today half the school isn't coming!". HA. I bet everyone ponned school, how #badass. ;-) At the Bukit Batok Polyclinic there, there was this b i g group of ahlians and ahbengs there. I think they just want MC to pon school lo. ;P

Hm, stayed at home, slept, nothing much. :-/

Friday, October 14, 2011


EXAMS ARE OVER~!~!~!~!~!~! It's time to shake that ass yo.

Overall I must say the End Year exams were pretty good. :-) I M CONFIDENT! But usually when I find a paper(s) alright I get quite low for it so.....shux. :'( But well, it's over!!!!! Now is time to think about streaming. SIGH.

Went out yesterday after the paper + Sec 3 camp briefing. We're going to Malaysia~! ^^ Ooh kind of excited. I just hope they have NORMAL toilets. :'( I don't like gross toilets yux yux. Ok as I was saying, went to ViviCity yesterday with Kelley, Joanne, Felicia, Rachel K. and Megan. (-: At first my mom didn't allow but Rachel kept calling my mom even tho she didn't pick up and eventually my mom agreed SO YEAH hahaha. We were gonna watch Dream House at first but Megan was scared hurhurhur. Then we couldn't really decide on anything at the Golden Village there until Ashley, Shi Min, Sara S. and Denise came and they were gonna watch Real Steel so Megan went to watch with them and we'd meet again after the movie.

Dream House is pretty nice but s u p e r confusing. It's not even that scary hahah. Kelley kept screaming!!! And she cried near the end cos it was quite touching. Anyway it was rly funny and we were being v noisy tsk tsk.

After our movie Megan's still hadn't ended so wasted time dancing in Mini Toons etc. IT WAS SO EMBARRASSING HAHAHA. Felicia said the people were laughing at me and Kelley after we left HAHAHA owell. XD Then played arnd at ToysRUs and yep.

Ok after that Megan came and we had F U N. It is too embarrassing to say so I won't. ;P

That's pretty much it. I'm quite bored eh. :-( I'll go burn my Sec 2 stuff later but now just..........pebble-ing. .____. #awkwardturtle

WELL THAT'S IT sorry for wasting your time BYE.