Friday, October 14, 2011


EXAMS ARE OVER~!~!~!~!~!~! It's time to shake that ass yo.

Overall I must say the End Year exams were pretty good. :-) I M CONFIDENT! But usually when I find a paper(s) alright I get quite low for it so.....shux. :'( But well, it's over!!!!! Now is time to think about streaming. SIGH.

Went out yesterday after the paper + Sec 3 camp briefing. We're going to Malaysia~! ^^ Ooh kind of excited. I just hope they have NORMAL toilets. :'( I don't like gross toilets yux yux. Ok as I was saying, went to ViviCity yesterday with Kelley, Joanne, Felicia, Rachel K. and Megan. (-: At first my mom didn't allow but Rachel kept calling my mom even tho she didn't pick up and eventually my mom agreed SO YEAH hahaha. We were gonna watch Dream House at first but Megan was scared hurhurhur. Then we couldn't really decide on anything at the Golden Village there until Ashley, Shi Min, Sara S. and Denise came and they were gonna watch Real Steel so Megan went to watch with them and we'd meet again after the movie.

Dream House is pretty nice but s u p e r confusing. It's not even that scary hahah. Kelley kept screaming!!! And she cried near the end cos it was quite touching. Anyway it was rly funny and we were being v noisy tsk tsk.

After our movie Megan's still hadn't ended so wasted time dancing in Mini Toons etc. IT WAS SO EMBARRASSING HAHAHA. Felicia said the people were laughing at me and Kelley after we left HAHAHA owell. XD Then played arnd at ToysRUs and yep.

Ok after that Megan came and we had F U N. It is too embarrassing to say so I won't. ;P

That's pretty much it. I'm quite bored eh. :-( I'll go burn my Sec 2 stuff later but now just..........pebble-ing. .____. #awkwardturtle

WELL THAT'S IT sorry for wasting your time BYE.

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