Friday, October 28, 2011

Goodbye, lower sec life

The school year is finally over!! HECKYEAH. It's been a really long year for me and I am so glad it's over. This year, I concentrated more on my academics and was more introvert-ed but I guess it paid off. Report books were out and I was 2nd in class! WOOHOO. 1st is Rebecca Low whose percentage is higher than me by 0.4%. I KNOW RIGHT. *shoot myself* So close, yet so far. :'(

Well, I still think I will be able to get the scholarship as I'm within the Top 16 in 2/1! :-) But yeah, really really w a s t e d. What's more, it was my Art that pulled me down. -________________________- Troll. But I guess I should be grateful for these results! The closest I've ever got was 5th position in Primary 2. TROLOLOL.

Today was pretty good I guess. Did nothing in school but take pictures. ;-) Joanne brought her dad's school's DSLR and Felicia and Minno also brought theirs and we all camwhored like crazy chix. ^_^ Dallies really bought Joanne a polaroid and we used up like 9 of her 10 films. HAHAHA, Joanne was really nice and gave us each one ~free~ polaroid. Teehee. I'm so going to ask for a polaroid as a gift for my ONE YEAR OF HARD WORK! Whoop.

Going to go for Bzb later with Jamie so yeah. This is like, the 3rd last Bzb with her!! My mom went to transfer me to the Sunday class next year while Jamie is still on the waiting list. :'( Boohoo. Going to miss Jamie + Big Guy + Big Eye + Fwankz + Big Toenail + Dephne + Alicia + Amelia + Tiny Guy + Ugly Stepsisters alot. :'( Actually no, just Jamyz and K and Big Guy. AHAHAHA ok bye.

Will update with the photos when Joanne, Felicia and Minno uploads them! ;-)

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