Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This morning I just started ~thinking~, y'know, like those wise old men sitting on park benches and just contemplating life. And as usual it made me kind of sad, ahahahah. I have no idea what I want to do with my life. :-( I guess I'll just take it one step at a time. But it all seems so boring and dull. Asdfghjkl.

Anyway, the holidays are ending soon! Which means the new school year is coming. Aww shucks. I rly don't want the stress and all that next year, URGH. Owell, it's inevitable I guess. Seems like a lot of people are already starting on the new syllabus and all that, woah. And here I am sleeping my butt off. Wow, encouraging. I NEED TO FIND MY MOTIVATION that kept me through this year! I'm gonna do so damn well next year UH HUH. Ok, nobody really wants to listen to me pep talk myself, so.

Band camp is next week! I'll leave on the second day afternoon so I don't think I'll get pranked too much. Which is what I've been looking forward to. AHAHAHA how ironic. I just hope we'll get more time to bathe! :-) Last year we were given only 2 minutes each! Crazy. And I hope this time I can get the shower cubicle with PROPERLY LOCKABLE DOORS. Last year Lim An pulled open my door HAHAHAHA so embarrassing. But only for like a few nanoseconds WOOSH.

Whatever, I'll also be going to London next week! EGGCITE EGGCITE EGGCITE. I already plan to go to Primark and the flea markets in London and all that. ;-) But why is the exchange rate so high. :''''''(

Monday, November 21, 2011


Going to London next Tuesday!!!!!!!!! I AM TOO EGGCITED. ^~^ I'll be gone for about 2 weeks so try not to miss me! ;-) The only sad thing is that I'll be missing Farewell and MTDC band camp. :'( Kind of scared for the concert in January. Poop.

These few days just ~flew~ by. Did the usual stuff I do, yknow, band. Yeah. :/ My life is rather boring. Rob sob bob. Oh but on Friday, I texted Big Guy and found out his name is Anthony! And a whole lot of other stuff. WOOHOO I MADE A NEW FRIEND! ;-) Hm, nothing much, really.

Ok bye.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Let's roll

Went out with Valerie, Daphne and Kelley on Wednesday! Originally, the plan was to go roller-blading but it was quite tiring and I can't roller-blade for nuts so we gave up after awhile. We found this shop/kiosk/whatever that rents go-karts and decided to rent the 2-seater ones for 30minutes and rode around and around. ;-) It was SO FUN. I think ~pedaling~ is the only sport I can own Kelley at AHAHAHA. Besides swimming. *awkward pause*

Anyway rode around and around and around and raced each other. ;-) Me and Val against Kel and Daph. OHOHO yay I think me and Val won. LOL actually it doesn't even matter. Then walked around a shopping centre/mall thingamajig looking for Korean restaurants that serve some jajang-myun thing that Kelley was craving. In the end went back to my place to put down the roller-blades (THEY WERE FREAKING HEAVY like rocks) and went to the row of terrace houses opposite to find Korean food! There's a Korean restaurant there but it wasn't open. Like all other Korean restaurants we visited. Pft. So just ate at some Al-Ameen place or something opposite Bukit Timah Shopping Centre/Beauty World and by the time we were done it rained. -___- Kelley bought pig's intestines and went back, so Val, Daph and I walked back to my place IN THE RAIN and just as we reached the doorstep Daphne's mom called and said she had to go and YUP Val stayed for awhile! :-) We played Wii and then my parents drove her home 'cos she had to carry 3 roller-blades by herself. WII WAS FUN hahah I kept winning. XD But then I have ~experience~

Yup don't rly feel like blogging about it so shall let the pictures tell the story.



Some kiddy ride we paid 2 bux for HAHAHA.


Acting like the doofuses we are.




Kelley's "artistic" photos.


Kelley. Yup. So Kelley.














I hate my arm fat. :'(

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hi guys sorry for not updating my blog in a while! There's not much to say but yeah I can't stand dead blogs. ;-)

Tomorrow is Founder's Day and we haven't been told anything about performing for it so I guess we aren't. Which is kind of sad. :-( Not that I desperately want to but it's like the school doesn't think we're ~worthy~ of performing. :-( But the people there will just ignore you and talk amongst themselves which is kind of annoying.

I might be going to cycle with Valerie, Kelley and Rebecca tomorrow! ^_^ Woohoo! Haven't rly gone out in quite a while. I don't know how to roller-blade and Rebecca doesn't know how to cycle so we can ~learn~ HAHAHA! I think Val and Kel will be quite annoyed after a while. ;-) Teehee.

Yup going to Thai Noodle House for section lunch later. I miss Thai so much! Last time I went there was......the Tea Appreciation thing day. ;-) Lub lub lub.

I just realized there's only about 2 months left in MTDC! I wanna make good friends there! Only person I have so far is Aloy. :-( HAHAHHAHA pathetic or what. There's a camp on 8, 9 and 10 December but I may be away in London so POOF another bonding opportunity gone. :'( But the London trip might be postponed to June next year!! In December the Northern hemisphere may be raining and all that so yeah....not much point going just to see rain. Am I right or am I right?


Friday, November 04, 2011

MTDC crew plus one

Today the streaming results will be out!!! At 5:00pm on the school website. I'm quite confident I'll get into the class I put as my first choice so I'm more excited to see who my future classmates for the next 2 years will be! ;-)

Ok, so on Tuesday, Sang Ah, Ze Hui, Rebecca and Naasyidah came over to my house to play before band! Had a rly awesome time playing wii and camwh0rin' with ma MTDC hommies + Becca. ;-) We talked to my best friend Nicholas and Naasyidah's stalker AND KEPT LAUGHING AND LAUGHING gosh it was fun. :-)

Used my new DSLR to camwh0re! Canon 600D. ;-)

Last day of school 2011

So these are the pictures from the last day of school! I was too lazy to get around to uploading but since I have nothing better to do now.......


"Let's all do the bimbo wink!!!!!"



W3 r co0l like th4t.












Sorry couldn't find any other decen(t) photo of me and MA BEST FWAND KELLEY. ;')



Sob she pushed me away :'(



The stupid fake spider that made me scream and shout and jump and etc. :'(

OK YUP I didn't wanna upload anymore so that's all I guess. :-) You can check ma <a href="http://facebook.com/boomzxcdieyou">Facebook</a> for more. WINK WINK. ;-)