Friday, November 04, 2011

MTDC crew plus one

Today the streaming results will be out!!! At 5:00pm on the school website. I'm quite confident I'll get into the class I put as my first choice so I'm more excited to see who my future classmates for the next 2 years will be! ;-)

Ok, so on Tuesday, Sang Ah, Ze Hui, Rebecca and Naasyidah came over to my house to play before band! Had a rly awesome time playing wii and camwh0rin' with ma MTDC hommies + Becca. ;-) We talked to my best friend Nicholas and Naasyidah's stalker AND KEPT LAUGHING AND LAUGHING gosh it was fun. :-)

Used my new DSLR to camwh0re! Canon 600D. ;-)

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