Monday, December 26, 2011


HI MERRY late CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! :-) No one will read this anyways boohoo. Didn't do much on Christmas but was much better than my birthday! :-) Well. I'm expecting Daphne to come up anytime soon so this will be a quick update yay.

The cupcake/mousse that Jamie gave me on Friday! Finally got to eat it yesterday. It's SO. GOOD you know!! Thanks Jamsterz!!! <3 Didn't dare to eat it at first because of all the cream on top but then I was like "heck" and ate it anyway. :-) But went to run after that LOL. I don't want to put on weight! School's starting = NAPFA is coming argggggh. Not looking forward to inclined pull-ups. -____- But 2.4km will be so fun woohoo! ok bye.

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