Friday, December 30, 2011


Ok, since today is the last day of the year, I guess it's time to do some reflection on the year 2011! :-) School-wise, I think I studied too much and thus didn't rly make a lot of new friends. Partly also because everyone in 2/2 was so clique-y and I only knew Kelley and Joanne. :-( But rly glad to meet some other people too! But the majority of the year I was studying. What a joke hahahah. Ok I will write a note to every person that has made 2011 a great year in no particular order now. :-) I like doing these kind of things heheh.

Tan Yan Shen!
Hi Yanny! I don't have a proper picture with you so I shall make do with this really weird one first. ;-) Must take photo on 14 Jan ok! First of all, even though I've known you only what, 2 months (??!) you've been a good friend. (-: it's really sad how MTDC is going to end in like, 2 weeks and we'll prolly never see each other again. HAHA, I'm sure there'll be some MTDC bbq or whatever that we can hang out together with all the other people! It's been nice knowing you and your horribly fail attempts at humour. :-)

Rebecca Yeow!
HI BECCA. We have so many unglam pictures since Sec 1! I feel so embarrassed HAHAHA. Thanks for being a great fantastical friend to me these 2 years! 2 more years together in 3E6 and 4E6.....HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE. :/ Thanks for being my gossip buddei hehehe, I have so much fun around you yknow! Even thought sometimes I annoy the crap out of you (and vise versa) YOU KNOW I WILL ALWAYS LAB YOU heheheh <3

Tan Min Hui!
Hey there! Thanks for making 2/2 really bearable! If not for you, Kelley and Joanne, I don't know how I could've survived 2/2. :/ See you around in band yeah! I know you won't see this but.....MIX YO' MILK WITH MA COCOA PUFF <3

Regi Lee!
Hi f499eibuddei!!! Love you too much <3 Thanks for always being there for me even though I annoy you to no end. ^_~ I really treasure our friendship and it's a pity there's all this ~misunderstandings~ that people have ugh but WE SHALL OVERCOME ALL ODDS TOGETHER ha ha ha. Next year is your last year in St. Marg's and I will really miss you! So yeah treasure your time with me ya! ;-)

BOESOONIUMS (oboe, bassoon & euphonium)!
Hey room 713! Thanks for making Sydney 2011 the BEST trip and memory ever!!! All our midnight pranks and jokes....I couldn't have asked for better roomies/groupmates! :') I know none of you will see this but I really wish we could rewind and go back to Sydney and have fun all over and over again! Love you guys <3!

Wong Ze Hui!
I don't have a decen(t) picture with you so shall have to make do with this one. :/ Thanks for being a great MTDC buddei and Chinese class bud! If not for Australia/MTDC I doubt I'd get to know you better. All our Australia h2hs and just plain crap conversations, I'm really thankful to God for. :-) 

Joanne Tan!
8 years and counting! I'm glad we came to St. Marg's together if not I would have always disliked you! Hahaha, silly primary school days. :') Thanks for being a great bimbo buddei and always making me smile and talking about Pei Hwa people together! <3 LOVE YOU LOADS.

Wong Waisiang!
Hey Best Fwand!! Thanks for being my best fwand/ahgong! ;-) You are a very nice person and it again, SUCKS that MTDC is going to end very very soon. I hope we can still keep in touch with Yanny and all because I don't want to lose my best fwand! :'( HEHEHE, lab ya <3!

Lee Sang Ah!
You are such a snail but I love you nonetheless! :-) Thanks for making car rides and MTDC so funny with your snail-ness! You are such a snail....I don't know where to even begin with. ;-) I hope we remain close after MTDC ends (well of course!) because you are a S(nail)TAR! :-)

NANA! Thanks for being a great entertainment during MTDC combined practices wink wink. ;-) Even though you spoil my reputation, you are a very great buddei!! Sorry I am running out of words to say as I am just so loving right now HAHAHA. <3 Have a great Aloysius-filled year! ;-)

Lim An!
HI THERE SL! Thanks for being such a funny and fail senior! You make sectionals funny (when you're even around! >:( ) with your smallness HAHAHA just kidding! I'll be very sad when you graduate but I will not cry as I want my $5! ;-P LOVE YOU.

Kelley Tan!
Need I say more? I love every single minute I spend with you and I really wish I was in 3/5 with you. I love you so much you are the toilet to my bow(e)l. ;-) <3

Valerie Tan!
Thank God for BSF because if not for that we wouldn't have become so close! Even though we were in different classes we still managed to be what we ~are~ now and I'm thankful for that! I love you so much you pretty girl! Whenever you're around my self-esteem -83279878278923 :'( hahah but I still love you because.........WELL. ;-) <3

Daphne Sin!
Thanks for being such a great bimbo buddei as we can have bimbo moments together! <3 We'll be in the same class next year and I am really eggcited for that!!! You prettygal97 I love your hair so much!! It's so brown and smooth!! Jealous. :-( Haha I must sounds really creepy now so I shall stop. <3 CYAL8R

And JAMIE who's dedication is in the previous post already. ;-)

I guess that's the end! Whoo, tired out. :/

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