Monday, January 30, 2012

SC auditions

Hello! (-: I know it's been a while since I last posted but I'm posting now so be happy.

So much has happened! Ok I'll start with Saturday. During band, Ms Chong said that there would be 2 candidates who will conduct the band for 1 warm-up and 1 piece (For The Beauty Of The Earth) to try out for the position of Student Conductor (SC). It was me and Victoria. Ms Chong said I'll conduct first so I totally didn't know what to expect. I was so nervous (and eggcited hahahhaha) that my legs were trembling! I thought I would just fall off the podium thing. :-( I think I didn't rly do very well and I super regret it now! Should have done better. :/ But well it's over so, just hope for the best! *crosses fingers* In other news, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE POLKA! VI!!!!!! :-) Some time in April I guess. Mr Chew said that it would be on a Saturday! Haha it's reason enough to be happy.

Ok so today's Monday and we had an E. Math test and a English test on Personal Recounts. E. Math was fairly easy but English..........!!!!!!!!!!! :'( I didn't want to fake an event because I was afraid it wouldn't seem realistic enough so I wrote something on my actual life ~experiences~. Oh yeah the topic was something like those misunderstandings between friends, around that ~genre~ or something. ANYWAY. I should have faked it. My storyline is close to out of point!! And the only person I know who wrote something real was Hansol, whose plot is like, answers the question. O WELL. I just hope it will be my only badly-done test. :/

AND IN OTHER NEWS, we got our yearbooks today!! *v* They cut off like half the band in the Symphonic Band photo!!!! It was taken during SYF, so like a quarter of the band is already missing, plus they only took the flute/oboe/trumpet side of the photo! Haha I'm like, close to being cut out but not cut out yet. ^_^

That is all. Band tomorrow, s c a r e d  t o  d e a t h

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Committee interview

Hi everyone! Today was the committee interview for the new band comm. of 2012! Quite a few Sec 2s were shortlisted and a lot of Sec 3s were there too. It was quite fun waiting for our turn to be interviewed in the holding room at 2/5. LOL. Because they went by class, 3/4, 3/5, 3/6 people were like at the back so had alot of fun with Ze Hui, Minno, Sang Ah, Sandra, Victoria, Rebecca and Kimberly that group. ^_^ I hope we can all get in and improve the band! I was rly scared for interview (so was everyone else duh) 'cos my interview last year was  h o r r i b l e. But it turned out quite all right, the teachers were very nice so yay I'm content. :-)

The weekend is finally coming so there's that to look forward to! And also a math test and English test on Monday. Woohoo.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! It's the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year and it's back to school for most of us. :'( How sad.

Anyway, the past 2 days for me was great! Went visiting (the usual) and had "reunion dinner" at Kelley's house last night with all her relatives there. It was quite awkward at first because Kelley just told us to go in (to her house) and we didn't know anyone. We as in Valerie and I. :-( And Kelley was too busy playing Blackjack. MY MY.

Kelley's uncles and aunties and parents and all were very nice. But it was still very very awkward. Especially since Kelley totally left us alone and we hid in her brother's room playing (or rather, trying to play) Halo II on the XBox. -______- But Daphne came and we whined about how Kelley was being a horrible host and it got better from there. ^_^

Kelley's two primary school friends were in the room too and it they looked so lian HAHAHA. Val and I were scared they would beat us up for being noisy and annoying LOLOLOL.

We played block catching with Justin (Kel's brudda), Tiger (cousin/son of the tennis coach!!), Jonathan (cousin) and this other girl called "something"-Xuan..? O well. It was fun though! I was the first catcher (ahem) and it was really hard to run in my oxfords so I just took them off and ran around in my socks. Poor socks. :'( Somehow I managed to catch them all!!!!! Hahah but I must be like the worst catcher in the world.

Oh yknow, during the ~game~, Tiger took the lift and it landed on the level I was on and a bunch of other people were getting out so when Tiger saw me he was like !$%#@$%^* and I just pushed past the people and caught him and the lift door closed on us and I screamed like mad. Probably the most epic catch/whatever ever. Ok anyway shall put some photos to you know. A picture says a thousand words. ;-)


Kelley has an endless supply of baby cousins.


Kelley's super nice dad!!

Tiger, "something" Xuan girl and Justin

Kelley, being Kelley

The two "Secret Relationship" cousins!! The boy cried and started hitting me. I don't know why either. And NO I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO HIM! :''''( Everyone was like laughing. I DON'T SEE WHAT'S SO FUNNY. :-(

Camwhorin' in the car~~~

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! Enjoy January while you still can!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Post-MTDC feels!!!


Finale and Encore:
(Tabidachi No Hini and Loco-Motion)

So. These are the recordings of some of the song items played for the MTDC Graduation Concert last Saturday. Page 14 of 366. Best page so far. Anyway MTDC is (long) over and people are still missing it. LOL. Quite a few of them want to try out for SNYO (Singapore National Youth Orchestra) and I think I might try out too. I know it'll be very tiring and all but I really want to ~broaden~ my horizons. If you get what I mean. As in, MTDC proved to me that there is more to band than just school band...yeah.

Today was our Lit. presentation on nuclear holocausts and I think we did pretty well! Yay Jinwen Sang Ah and Jamie!! :-)

Friday is Chinese New Year celebrations and I'm not planning to go back to Pei Hwa. N e v e r  gonna go back again. :-P Sad but true. I guess. OK I MAKE NO SENSE.

Anyway, just really bored with life. It's all school, school and more school. Cwidt! The Rule of Three. ;-) #threesixnerds

Sunday, January 15, 2012

MTDC Graduation Concert!

HI EVERY1. Just got back from the Singapore Conference Hall (SCH) and I'm really really really really really tired. Oh and if you don't know (you live under a rock) THAT'S WHERE THE MTDC GRADUATION CONCERT WAS HELD. :-) Really really busy week this was. So glad that it's finally over, but there are always both good and bad sides to things. :-)

Monday: school till 3+pm, piano at 5pm
Tuesday: school till 2+pm, band till 5+pm, MTDC till 9++pm
Wednesday: school till 1+pm, band till 5+pm
Thursday: school till 2+pm, band till 6+pm
Friday: school till 12+pm, CCA Fair till 5+pm, MTDC till 9+++pm
Saturday: school band till 12+pm, MTDC till 10+pm

I know right. Finally get to rest after 6 days of  b a n d. I guess I'll just skip the crap and go on to the more ~important~ things. ;-) Sec 3 life is really tough. Halfway into the day and I'm already brain-fried! It requires so much understanding/thinking/STUDYING. And studying the whole school day (including recess, yes) and after school is just BARELY ENOUGH for me to cope with the schoolwork. It's not really that hard but I'm just worried that I'll forget. And when it comes to exam time.................... YEAH. Ok, moving on. I am tired.



CCA Fair was great! We played Jai Ho and Glee in the hall mini-concert and the Sec 1s loved it! Especially Jai Ho. Then at the parade ground, we played Sock Hop Tonight! and Jai Ho. The Sec 1s all left by the time we started on Sock Hop anyway. What a waste of gimmicks. :'( Anyway the Sec 1s were only given about 30 minutes to walk around the booths and all which is very little time for us to drag them and write their names on the list! And they are so scared by the seniors. Not just band! Whenever I go near a Sec 1 they(/she) screams and runs away. :'( I like to think that I am friendly. Well anyway CCA Fair dragged and dragged and dragged so we got dismissed late. :-( But we were still on time for MTDC night practices so o well.

Finally, MTDC!!!!!!!!!
We had to have night practices on Tuesday and Friday because the concert was on Saturday! (today.) Even though the practices made me very very very tired I still think it's worth it! The concert today was so good! Now I'm not in MTDC anymore it's kind of sad. And also knowing that I'll never be in MTDC again. I really regret not being super sociable and making the most out of it. But o well. At least I made some new friends right! ;-) Ok a wordy post is always too dry so I'll find some visuals I guess. Very lazy to scan the instaxes hahah. ;-) Well bottom line is, MTDC 2011-2012 4LYFE <3

Oh and thank you so much Regi, Lim An, Felicia and Eugenia for always supporting the four of us!
:-) <3

MTDC Primary School

My mom likes taking photos of Brando Tan

Percussion ensemble which was so cool 8D

Saxophone ensemble which was cool too. Everything is cool.

Coolest section <3

Erwin (I think) from Xinmin who played the rock trombone solo in Loco-Motion!

Another Xinmin soloist. :-)

Stef + Crystal

Yun Jie!!!

The final few bars we'll ever play as an MTDC band... :')

Photos: I

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Sec 3 Camp 2012

Just came back from camp yesterday! We went to Tanjong Piai in Malaysia for 4 days and 3 nights and it was the LONGEST 4 days 3 nights ever. Even P5 camp wasn't so bad compared to this. Actually, it's very fun but the showers and dorm conditions were horrible. And the ~cleanliness~ is like an absolute zero.

All the classes were split into 2 groups and 3/6 was split into Minnie Mouse and Kim Possible. The theme for the camp was girl superheroes, hence the name. ;-) Minnie Mouse had me, Victoria, Kimberly, Rebecca, Daphne, Caryl, Cimin, Hazel, Clare, Jessica, Ashley, Gaby, Sally, Hansol, Amrit and Fiona! Our trainer was this Indian guy called Santhi (not his real name) and he was such a great trainer! Made us all laugh and joke around and stuff. :-) We did this muddygrosswater-obstacle course, tree-climing, paintball, raft building, shelter building, jetty-jumping, campfire, cooking with a fire thingamajig, walking in the sun for like FOREVER, umm and I forgot. But it was all really fun especially jetty jumping! It is actually just like 2 seconds kind of fall but when you actually fall yourself, it seems like 5 minutes of roller-coasting!! I don't have photos because, duh, no phones/valuables. -____- ANYWAY I'M JUST REAL GLAD TO BE BACK IN SINGAPORE. :-) First thing I did was to buy Sogurt. HAHAHA.

And there's scholarship ceremony + MTDC today so 2012, leggo!

P.S. Ant's birthday was yesterday! Happy birthday Ants! ;-)