Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Post-MTDC feels!!!


Finale and Encore:
(Tabidachi No Hini and Loco-Motion)

So. These are the recordings of some of the song items played for the MTDC Graduation Concert last Saturday. Page 14 of 366. Best page so far. Anyway MTDC is (long) over and people are still missing it. LOL. Quite a few of them want to try out for SNYO (Singapore National Youth Orchestra) and I think I might try out too. I know it'll be very tiring and all but I really want to ~broaden~ my horizons. If you get what I mean. As in, MTDC proved to me that there is more to band than just school band...yeah.

Today was our Lit. presentation on nuclear holocausts and I think we did pretty well! Yay Jinwen Sang Ah and Jamie!! :-)

Friday is Chinese New Year celebrations and I'm not planning to go back to Pei Hwa. N e v e r  gonna go back again. :-P Sad but true. I guess. OK I MAKE NO SENSE.

Anyway, just really bored with life. It's all school, school and more school. Cwidt! The Rule of Three. ;-) #threesixnerds

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