Saturday, January 07, 2012

Sec 3 Camp 2012

Just came back from camp yesterday! We went to Tanjong Piai in Malaysia for 4 days and 3 nights and it was the LONGEST 4 days 3 nights ever. Even P5 camp wasn't so bad compared to this. Actually, it's very fun but the showers and dorm conditions were horrible. And the ~cleanliness~ is like an absolute zero.

All the classes were split into 2 groups and 3/6 was split into Minnie Mouse and Kim Possible. The theme for the camp was girl superheroes, hence the name. ;-) Minnie Mouse had me, Victoria, Kimberly, Rebecca, Daphne, Caryl, Cimin, Hazel, Clare, Jessica, Ashley, Gaby, Sally, Hansol, Amrit and Fiona! Our trainer was this Indian guy called Santhi (not his real name) and he was such a great trainer! Made us all laugh and joke around and stuff. :-) We did this muddygrosswater-obstacle course, tree-climing, paintball, raft building, shelter building, jetty-jumping, campfire, cooking with a fire thingamajig, walking in the sun for like FOREVER, umm and I forgot. But it was all really fun especially jetty jumping! It is actually just like 2 seconds kind of fall but when you actually fall yourself, it seems like 5 minutes of roller-coasting!! I don't have photos because, duh, no phones/valuables. -____- ANYWAY I'M JUST REAL GLAD TO BE BACK IN SINGAPORE. :-) First thing I did was to buy Sogurt. HAHAHA.

And there's scholarship ceremony + MTDC today so 2012, leggo!

P.S. Ant's birthday was yesterday! Happy birthday Ants! ;-)

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