Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy birthday, Kelley the Jelley!

Sooo. Today is Kelley's birthday!!!!!!!!
Doubt she will see this but still. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're finally (actually, always been) older than me. ;-) Haha, Valerie gave her this helium balloon with 3 Abercrombie & Fitch-like guys on both sides, and drew on a black bikini on all of them. HAHAHA it was such a joke. A cool joke HAHA.

During assembly, we had this NE quiz thingo. It was like, you go up on stage to answer questions and win points for your house! Danielle was in Tolley but she went up when Mr Teng said it was Fearon's turn, so she helped Fearon score 1200 points. HAHA THANKS. I think she got the answer from the 3/1 people but wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. ;-) Haha Fearon won in the end WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO. We have such great house spirit! ^_^

But the best part of it was when this girl (I think Vernetta?) ran up on stage at the same time as Grace Quek (I think) and she started screaming at Grace to get off "mine mine mine" stage and started jumping around. Oh gosh it was super thick-skin of her! I doubt anyone would have done that.....especially not on stage. Then Mrs Tey went to "scold" her on stage and told her to go down, and Ms Kaur scolded her some more. I feel quite bad for her 'cos her reputation comment. But it was quite funny hahah, I FEEL VERY MEAN oh no. :-( But well, just say that it's super daring of her to do that. ^_^

Monday, February 20, 2012

MTDC Audtition

Finally able to ~relax~ for a while. :'-) Today we had like 3 tests and the "rule" is that we can only have 3 tests A WEEK. Hahah seems like teachers aren't playing by the rules huh. Anyway there's this fly on my bed and it is annoying me. So. Much.

On Saturday I went (ok I can't say "back" because I never belonged there LOL) to Ang Mo Kio Secondary School with Naasyidah, Sang Ah and the juniors who were auditioning for this year's MTDC. Met Waisiang, Yan Shen and Khang Zhie there! Oh and quite a lot of other people as well but the AMK people were all in some music lab having theory sob. :'-(

I (or rather, we) went to ask Shaun Soh if we could have the video recording of our Graduation Concert and he said that we would have to BUY it. We are like indirectly the "producers" or rather, PERFORMERS so shouldn't we be able to get it for free? :-( But o well didn't really want to argue about $$$$$ with Shaun LOL. I'm so definitely going to buy the DVD. It's a once-in-a-lifetime memory! ;-))))))))))) Yes I miss MTDC, especially the ~journey~ to AMK with Nana, Sangy and Ze Hui, the funky section and everyone. :'-) Oh speaking of which, Xinmin Secondary is having their Limelight concert at the Esplanade RIGHT NOW AS I SPEAK (type). I wanted to go but had nobody to go with so it wasn't worth canceling piano so o well. :'-( I feel quite bad seeing it's Chingatron's last concert haha but wellllllllllllllllllllllllllll. I have nothing to say. :P

Ok school is busy my social life is crazy (crazy bad) and I am tired and stressed goodnight.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friends For Life :')

So much happened these past few days I don't even know where to begin! Hm, ok for the English composition test I just passed only. -___- But seeing as I wrote totally out of point (the question was about misunderstandings and mine had no misunderstanding at all) I guess it's not bad lah. I could have done a LOT worse (and better sob). And then there's band, which is always stressful but just have to get used to it!

Yesterday, I had a really big fight with Kelley. This is the second big fight, the first being last year about the stupid contract thing LOL. But yeah, it was quite blown up and she was really pissed and I was really frustrated. And then this morning I tried to talk to her and all that but it failed and all and. yeah. Felt so depressed and mopey the entire day le sigh. :'-( Then somehow things became better hahahha BY MAGIC? Oh well, I really don't want to lose a friend, especially Kelley, over these small trivial things. It isn't worth it. At all. I'm just really glad things worked out and it didn't drag over the weekend. ^_^

And I stayed back after school today for some intensive drills + discussion thing for band and it was fun! Ok drills isn't supposed to be fun and it was super super super crazy but. I LIKE. Haha, I think the band is in good hands. :-) I love h2hs with people about this kind of thing hahaha <3 yay band love

Oh and and today we had a fire drill and the school said there was a bomb in the D&T room LOLOLOL won't we die if there was a bomb, even if we were safely ~evacuated~?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012



Hahahaha this year's Valentine's Day was all right. I was too lazy to write out letters and buy so much stuff so I just gave Cadbury chocolate. :P Next year I'll bake cupcakes!! Since it'll be the last time I'll celebrate Valentine's Day with the St. Margaritas! Haha Valentine's in St. Marg's is the  b e s t. Early in the morning everyone is walking around school giving out presents (food!!!) and SPREADING THE LOVE <3 We're like the love electrons orbiting around the nucleus HAHAH oh gosh. But that means we get so fat fat fat too. :-( Anyway yes I have nothing else to say I HAVE NO LOVE aw.

Oh and one more thing - today is the 1 month anniversary of MTDC'11!!!!! <3 Miss MTDC so much o m g. During Peer-Tutoring Naasyidah, Sang Ah and I kept talking about MTDC. :'-) Awwwwww hopefully get to see the cool peas soon WINKZ

Monday, February 13, 2012


You know when we become Sec 3s, we'll get to make our ICs and forget about those EZ-Link cards (honestly, they sound so........)? Yeah so we got to take the IC photos today and I had a gigantic pulsating pimple on my head. :'-(

Yesterday I thought it was going to be healed already so I kept picking it and then it exploded ugh so gross. :'-( So I borrowed plasters from Kimberly and looked like an idiot all day HAHAHAHAHA. The lady assisting the photographer dude kept asking if I wanted to take the plaster off but nuh-uh, THAT PIMPLE IS DISGUSTING. Even Mrs Yang saw me and asked about it HAHA. To be fair, Jessica lent me her concealer but it just couldn't be ~concealed~. :-/

O well, the photographer said he'll touch-up for me LOL how nice. ^_^ but there's no denying the fact that I'll still look stupid anyway. I have bad history with official photos. :-/

Monday, February 06, 2012

65. Nothing

English CME presentation is tomorrow and SS test some time soon. Stress stress.

And well nothing rly interesting happened. I want to graduate so badly. :-(

And and and last night A FEW people were trying to trend #stmargsissofly (again) but we failed so o well.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Evangel days

Just came back from dinner gathering of our old old cell group! Since the Evangel days... :') Saw Kylie, Shammah, Xin Kai and Xin Jie there. We used to be quite close (about as close as 5-year-olds can be) but now it's quite awkward 'cos I don't go to Evangel anymore. :-( Plus they all look so different especially Xin Jie and Xin Kai. Both also Hwa Chong one, and Kylie's in Raffles and Shammah is in SOTA. And I'm in....St. Marg's.... :-( Hahaha o well. Had unexpected fun though! I rly prefer Evangel to Newton Life ugh ugh ugh. O well.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Band committee 2012

HI EVERYONE yesterday Ms Zee announced the band 2012 committee! Quite early as compared to last year - 2 months difference. They want us to learn from the seniors as much as we can before we step down so early results = more time to ~absorb~.

BM: Nataly (Expected lah)
DMr: Qinwen
SC: Victoria
QMs: Felicia, Mindy & Mo Fei
Librarian: Jinwen (omg right HAHAHA like senior like junior *ahem*) & Winnie
OM: Minno
Treasurer: Kimberly
SG: Amanda
Sec 1 ICs: Emily & Tan Qi

Clarinet SLs: Safarah & Jasumah
Oboe SL: Kimberly
Flute SLs: Ze Hui & Sang Ah
Bassoon SL: Jinwen
Saxophone SL: Kvell
F. Horn SL: Kristine
Trumpet SL: Naasyidah
Trombone SL: Victoria
Percussion SL: Jorine & Minno
Tuba/Doublebass SL: Hua Sze (sidenote: Ms Zee said if Hua Sze couldn't manage 'cos it's quite a big section, I would help out but I don't rly know what that means lul)

Yeah that's all I think! There were some ~shockers~ but yeah mostly quite predictable. :P I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least a little disappointed but I kind of expected it already so yeah, less sad. ^_^ Stayed back yesterday for first comm./SL meeting (not rly but yeah) and I think being in comm. will be quite fun! :-) I hope the comm. will be very bonded and all. ^_~ I'm trying not to hate on anyone lololololol. I am nice. :-)

Oh yes I remember during the first combined MTDC band practice, Mr. Brando (lol I feel weird calling him Mr. Tan) said "You are all the better players in your band because you are here. You will all be the future SLs and (something)" YES WORDS TO THAT EFFECT. And now all of the MTDC St. Marg's girls are SLs hahahahha he is wise.

Had about 3 tests this week and it's considered quite few already. HowamIgoingtosurvive.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


School is tiring, but at least being tired is better than being bored. Everyone is really studying and it's so hard to out-nerd them all hahahahaha. Oh gosh, it's a vicious cycle repeating over and over again. :-(

In other news, Mr. Shaun from MTDC finally gave me my MTDC file and t-shirt. Ok not really gave, but he said he left it in the general office. So I'll have more stuff to bring home tomorrow. ^_^ SEE MY EGGCITEMENT. Oh and, Nicholas asked us if we wanted to play in Ang Mo Kio Sec's concert for woodwind ensemble because they're short of bassoon players. Both Sin Ching and I want to go so well. WE'LL SEE HOW. :-) It's 3rd March and Polka!VI is in late March so I don't know if I'll have time to practice eh. Well.