Saturday, February 04, 2012

Evangel days

Just came back from dinner gathering of our old old cell group! Since the Evangel days... :') Saw Kylie, Shammah, Xin Kai and Xin Jie there. We used to be quite close (about as close as 5-year-olds can be) but now it's quite awkward 'cos I don't go to Evangel anymore. :-( Plus they all look so different especially Xin Jie and Xin Kai. Both also Hwa Chong one, and Kylie's in Raffles and Shammah is in SOTA. And I'm in....St. Marg's.... :-( Hahaha o well. Had unexpected fun though! I rly prefer Evangel to Newton Life ugh ugh ugh. O well.

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