Monday, February 13, 2012


You know when we become Sec 3s, we'll get to make our ICs and forget about those EZ-Link cards (honestly, they sound so........)? Yeah so we got to take the IC photos today and I had a gigantic pulsating pimple on my head. :'-(

Yesterday I thought it was going to be healed already so I kept picking it and then it exploded ugh so gross. :'-( So I borrowed plasters from Kimberly and looked like an idiot all day HAHAHAHAHA. The lady assisting the photographer dude kept asking if I wanted to take the plaster off but nuh-uh, THAT PIMPLE IS DISGUSTING. Even Mrs Yang saw me and asked about it HAHA. To be fair, Jessica lent me her concealer but it just couldn't be ~concealed~. :-/

O well, the photographer said he'll touch-up for me LOL how nice. ^_^ but there's no denying the fact that I'll still look stupid anyway. I have bad history with official photos. :-/

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