Tuesday, February 14, 2012



Hahahaha this year's Valentine's Day was all right. I was too lazy to write out letters and buy so much stuff so I just gave Cadbury chocolate. :P Next year I'll bake cupcakes!! Since it'll be the last time I'll celebrate Valentine's Day with the St. Margaritas! Haha Valentine's in St. Marg's is the  b e s t. Early in the morning everyone is walking around school giving out presents (food!!!) and SPREADING THE LOVE <3 We're like the love electrons orbiting around the nucleus HAHAH oh gosh. But that means we get so fat fat fat too. :-( Anyway yes I have nothing else to say I HAVE NO LOVE aw.

Oh and one more thing - today is the 1 month anniversary of MTDC'11!!!!! <3 Miss MTDC so much o m g. During Peer-Tutoring Naasyidah, Sang Ah and I kept talking about MTDC. :'-) Awwwwww hopefully get to see the cool peas soon WINKZ

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