Friday, February 17, 2012

Friends For Life :')

So much happened these past few days I don't even know where to begin! Hm, ok for the English composition test I just passed only. -___- But seeing as I wrote totally out of point (the question was about misunderstandings and mine had no misunderstanding at all) I guess it's not bad lah. I could have done a LOT worse (and better sob). And then there's band, which is always stressful but just have to get used to it!

Yesterday, I had a really big fight with Kelley. This is the second big fight, the first being last year about the stupid contract thing LOL. But yeah, it was quite blown up and she was really pissed and I was really frustrated. And then this morning I tried to talk to her and all that but it failed and all and. yeah. Felt so depressed and mopey the entire day le sigh. :'-( Then somehow things became better hahahha BY MAGIC? Oh well, I really don't want to lose a friend, especially Kelley, over these small trivial things. It isn't worth it. At all. I'm just really glad things worked out and it didn't drag over the weekend. ^_^

And I stayed back after school today for some intensive drills + discussion thing for band and it was fun! Ok drills isn't supposed to be fun and it was super super super crazy but. I LIKE. Haha, I think the band is in good hands. :-) I love h2hs with people about this kind of thing hahaha <3 yay band love

Oh and and today we had a fire drill and the school said there was a bomb in the D&T room LOLOLOL won't we die if there was a bomb, even if we were safely ~evacuated~?

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