Monday, February 20, 2012

MTDC Audtition

Finally able to ~relax~ for a while. :'-) Today we had like 3 tests and the "rule" is that we can only have 3 tests A WEEK. Hahah seems like teachers aren't playing by the rules huh. Anyway there's this fly on my bed and it is annoying me. So. Much.

On Saturday I went (ok I can't say "back" because I never belonged there LOL) to Ang Mo Kio Secondary School with Naasyidah, Sang Ah and the juniors who were auditioning for this year's MTDC. Met Waisiang, Yan Shen and Khang Zhie there! Oh and quite a lot of other people as well but the AMK people were all in some music lab having theory sob. :'-(

I (or rather, we) went to ask Shaun Soh if we could have the video recording of our Graduation Concert and he said that we would have to BUY it. We are like indirectly the "producers" or rather, PERFORMERS so shouldn't we be able to get it for free? :-( But o well didn't really want to argue about $$$$$ with Shaun LOL. I'm so definitely going to buy the DVD. It's a once-in-a-lifetime memory! ;-))))))))))) Yes I miss MTDC, especially the ~journey~ to AMK with Nana, Sangy and Ze Hui, the funky section and everyone. :'-) Oh speaking of which, Xinmin Secondary is having their Limelight concert at the Esplanade RIGHT NOW AS I SPEAK (type). I wanted to go but had nobody to go with so it wasn't worth canceling piano so o well. :'-( I feel quite bad seeing it's Chingatron's last concert haha but wellllllllllllllllllllllllllll. I have nothing to say. :P

Ok school is busy my social life is crazy (crazy bad) and I am tired and stressed goodnight.

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