Friday, February 03, 2012

Band committee 2012

HI EVERYONE yesterday Ms Zee announced the band 2012 committee! Quite early as compared to last year - 2 months difference. They want us to learn from the seniors as much as we can before we step down so early results = more time to ~absorb~.

BM: Nataly (Expected lah)
DMr: Qinwen
SC: Victoria
QMs: Felicia, Mindy & Mo Fei
Librarian: Jinwen (omg right HAHAHA like senior like junior *ahem*) & Winnie
OM: Minno
Treasurer: Kimberly
SG: Amanda
Sec 1 ICs: Emily & Tan Qi

Clarinet SLs: Safarah & Jasumah
Oboe SL: Kimberly
Flute SLs: Ze Hui & Sang Ah
Bassoon SL: Jinwen
Saxophone SL: Kvell
F. Horn SL: Kristine
Trumpet SL: Naasyidah
Trombone SL: Victoria
Percussion SL: Jorine & Minno
Tuba/Doublebass SL: Hua Sze (sidenote: Ms Zee said if Hua Sze couldn't manage 'cos it's quite a big section, I would help out but I don't rly know what that means lul)

Yeah that's all I think! There were some ~shockers~ but yeah mostly quite predictable. :P I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least a little disappointed but I kind of expected it already so yeah, less sad. ^_^ Stayed back yesterday for first comm./SL meeting (not rly but yeah) and I think being in comm. will be quite fun! :-) I hope the comm. will be very bonded and all. ^_~ I'm trying not to hate on anyone lololololol. I am nice. :-)

Oh yes I remember during the first combined MTDC band practice, Mr. Brando (lol I feel weird calling him Mr. Tan) said "You are all the better players in your band because you are here. You will all be the future SLs and (something)" YES WORDS TO THAT EFFECT. And now all of the MTDC St. Marg's girls are SLs hahahahha he is wise.

Had about 3 tests this week and it's considered quite few already. HowamIgoingtosurvive.

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