Saturday, March 31, 2012

Polka!VI: Musical Potpourri

Today was Polka! :-) I don't think our playing was very spectacular but the audience seemed to like it, especially Rolling In The Deep!!! I don't know if many people sang but quite a few clapped along! I love it when the audience interacts with the performers like this, it's kind of cool. :-) Halfway through Bolero, I saw Nicholas, Sin Ching and Bernadynn coming in and then they got chased out by the prefect and sat upstairs after the song ended, HAHA. Kept looking at them because I didn't know where anyone else was so yeah. I think they were looking at me too?!?! HAHA YAY. Apparently Aloysius and all the other Ang Mo Kio Sec people were there too!!! Oooh gotta love supporters. 

Anyway, because of Polka, the band girls got to leave class at 12.10pm, which really doesn't make much of a difference as I only have 1 period of Chinese, PE then Assembly then. O well. Rushed down to canteen and was so busy giving out letters/presents heh heh. Had like so little time to change and ugh have I mentioned how much I hate stockings?! Bringing down the instruments/stands felt like concentration camp. Plus my bag was used as the section bag and it contained half the original scores of songs we were playing. Next year during SYF, I will NOT use my bag as section bag anymore. >:( ACS Barker was quite near school so the bus ride was rather short. This is sad. The bus was so nice and comfy, not like those cheapo buses that are stuffy and gross. :-(

Rehearsed at the concert hall/auditorium and had dinner before the concert started! Well, same old, same old.

Polka will probably be my last concert, since next year there is SYF and that is not counted as a concert. I must say I'm pretty fortunate to have played in 3 concerts in my entire band life so far. :-) First was Australia International Music Festival, second was MTDC Graduation/Ensemble Concert and now Polka! It's not a lot but better than most people anyway! I feel that Polka! wasn't really exceptionally spectacular but at least we had fun and well, everyone enjoyed themselves, and that's important too. I just hope that after Polka!, after the seniors step down, the Band will be ready to step up and train/practice hard for SYF next year. Especially with 170th Anniversary Concert in July, we need to work very very hard!

When I read the letters from the seniors, I felt so....motivated and touched, lol. I hope we won't disappoint them. Very nervous and scared for the future of the Band now, sigh. At least now that Polka! is over, we'll have more time for studies. Mid-years are approaching at an acceleration of 9.81m/s^2 and before we know it, it will be our turn to take the O Levels. Time flies too fast.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Polka in 3 days

Polka!VI: Musical Potpourri is in 3 days, the seniors are going to step down in 3 days, and the new comm. is going step up in 3 days. So many things are going to happen in 3 days. Mixed feelings about it. Don't know whether to be happy or sad. Sigh.

Ran 2.4km for NAPFA training today. I didn't stretch at all or do any warm-ups so I got muscle ache ugggh hope it heals before Friday. It will be hell wearing heels while having muscle ache-y legs. Anyway my timing improved!!! :-) Not bad, considering I didn't run at all since Cross Country.

I hope after Polka I'll have more time for studying and SLEEPING. Hopefully. But I doubt so. "Never start a sentence with But." GUESS WHAT I JUST DID.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games

As I mentioned in the previous post, I went to Vivo to watch The Hunger Games with Daphne, Victoria, Hazel, Ci Min, Clare, Caryl and Gaby today!

Arrived at Marche like 30 minutes late with Daphne oops. Had this roasted chicken crepe thing and margarita sauteed mushroom pizza which I shared with Victoria and Daphne. It was SO GOOD!!! Love Marche again woo hoo. :-)

After eating until our stomachs exploded, went to buy Gong Cha double woo hoo. Herbal jelly milk tea mmmmm.

Sat beside Victoria and Daphne in the cinema and I think I was being really annoying LOL. I kept laughing ahahah, I found those non-funny parts very funny. And when the guy said "I've been watching you walk home everyday since then" something like that, I was like "CREEP" hahahhaha oops.  And everyone was so hot! Haha, Clare was like "I can't decide who is the hottest because they're ALL SO HOT!!!" Amen to that! Hazel and Ci Min were screaming quite loudly and Victoria kept laughing her airy laugh hahahaha.

Overall, it's a really good movie!!! Not the best, but still very good! Better than the Twilight sagas anyway. The ending was such a cliffhanger sobzxczxczxczxc. Ok I shall not spoil it for any of you who hasn't watched it yet. ^_^ The movie was so long, about two and a half hours. When it ended I just went back home and got stuck in a traffic jam along Coronation Plaza for like AN HOUR. Oh wonderful end to the day.

E-Learning and Hungry Games

Today is E-Learning Day and I've been doing work since like 8am! That's like 3 hours already oh my. I planned to wake up at like 7:30am and immediately start but woke up at 8 instead tsk. Hahah, today 3/6 only has Physics, Chem, Bio and E Math!!! I will NOT do PE homework nuh uh. So far done with everything but E. Math. Everyone is complaining how inequalities are rocket science and everything. Hm, interesting.

Going to meet Daphne at Farrer MRT at 12:30pm and still at home, CLUELESS on what to wear. :/ We're going to VivoCity with Victoria, Clare, Hazel, Ci Min, Gaby and who knows who else. I really need to make friends in 3/6 lol so far haven't been trying to ~talk~ to other people in class cos I'm such a nerd. O well. We're going to eat at Marche and watch the Hunger Games!!! Quite excited but also a bit heart pain. My money............. :'( And I lost the section competition thing to Lim An aish must treat her to Sogurt. Knowing Lim An, she'll probably fill her cup until cannot put anymore already. :'(

Anyway Polka!VI: Musical Potpourri is next week!!!! 7 more days to Polka, 7 more days to seniors step down. Sigh, I'm quite afraid for when the seniors step down. What will happen to our standard.... IT'S OKAY. WE WILL WORK HARD FOR SYF NEXT YEAR. Stupid 170th Anniversary, we could spend the time practicing for SYF instead of that. And tickets are like $20, $50 and $100. SERIOUSLY?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just Dance and Sing It

Naasyidah and Sang Ah came over today to study + dance + sing! Yay I miss MTDC so much oh boo hoo. Dancing with them is a tradition that will never die out. :'-)

I am getting fatter and fatter day by hour by minute by second. Diet starts tomorrow, yet tomorrow never comes. Oh and I baked oreo cheesecake which is three-quarters gone. Go figure.

Photos: I
(Photos from other MTDC "outings" which I've not blogged about: I II)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I went to East Coast Park to cycle today!! I was so scared that I forgot how to cycle at first. After all, it has been quite a few years since I last cycled! But after a few falls and millions of scratches, it all came back to me. ^_^

East Coast Park is really a nice place to cycle! I love all the slopes hahahahahaha. My brother was riding this bike with the 2 extra wheels behind and was so s l o w. Gave up pacing with him and just rode ahead. Teehee.

I want to cycle again soon but doubt I will have the time, LE SIGH.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Band Outing 2012

Today was band outing! Oh oops, we're supposed to say band FRIENDS outing. ;-) We had a bbq, went to my old house (and Daphne's present house) The Petals! Felt so nostalgic going back there. :'-)

Played with the comm. a little while before the band members started arriving. The sky was threatening to rain though. :-'(

When more people came, we started playing the lightstick game, which is basically like a treasure hunt. Daphne came down with her camera and we did what bimbos do. ;-) HAHA.

Then, we played the bangle game, which is just basically to people bonded together by a paper bangle running around breaking other people's bangles. ;-) Victoria and I played in that game, and Rebecca ripped off our bangle when she was already "out" of the game, unfair much. >:( But o well.

Haha overall the games were quite fun! Just that there were not really a lot of people to play.

The barbeque-ing people were barbequing the food while we were playing the games. Took quite a while to get the fire and all started as the wind was blowing like some mad tornado. And in the end it rained, so had to salvage as much food as possible to bring down to the Function Room.

After we moved most of the things down, the rain cleared up. -______- Haha so just the committee bbq food and band members stay in the Function Room. I think some people got bored and left. :'-( And some people came up to offer the comm. members food, so nice. :'-) Even though they weren't supposed to.......... Heh.

Anyway as people were complaining of boredom, we decided to get them to gather down to the green field area to play games! Played Whacko and Dog-And-Bone. Was quite successful heh. ^_^

Was so horribly tired by the end of the whole bbq and went to West Mall with Daphne to get Gong Cha. And remnisenced the ~old days~ LOL. Ok that's all, pictures tell a thousand words right!!

Flute section


Light stick smile 8)

D. Reeds <3

Look at her face LOL

Thanks Daph!!!!!

Treasure hunt

Sang Ah :-)

Bangle game

Bbq in the rain!!! :'-)

Friday, March 09, 2012

September holidays!

Got back progress reports today, and my L1R5 is 14. I missed 13 by 0.7 marks. :'( 3 C5s, 2 A1s and 2 A2s. Horrible results. I screwed up one test and did well in the other so they kind of just balanced each other out. :-/ It's okay. As Victoria always says, "Term 1 results always suck" ;-) I WILL DO WELL!!!!!!!!!!! Heh heh heh.

Finished like all the holiday homework there is besides Literature, Chinese PowerPoint presentation and 4 English journals! This week is off to a good start. :-) But, as always..................

Monday: Sec 2 tutoring + 170th Anniversary combined practice
Tuesday: Sec 2 tutoring
Wednesday: FREE DAY?!?!?!
Thursday: Chemistry extra lessons + Band practice
Friday: Biology extra lessons + 170th Anniversary combined practice

If you ask me, it's even more draining than school!

Oh well.

Tomorrow is the band outing and I hope it'll go smoothly! Spent a lot of time on had better be worthwhile. :-) Really eggcited tee hee.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

2 more days!


I'm sure everyone can't wait. Going to school at 8am sure beats going to school at 7am! Yup daz right, who are we kidding? We are all going to have to go back to school for CCA and extra lessons. My only free day is Wednesday and of course I'm going to spend it at home doing homework. Le sigh. The sole enjoyment of this one-week holiday is dim-sum buffet lunch on Tuesday! ^_^ Can't wait to stuff myself with egg tarts and all that. Heheheheh I love dim sum. ;-)

Had a lit. test today and my hand was shaking like mad after I passed it up. Not so confident for the test though. The question was kind of hard to write about and I had a mental block before I even looked at the paper....................... O well, hope Graded Assignment will save me!

Also, we got back our A. and E. Math test papers. Let me just say that I love math. :'-) For E. Math I got like 1 mark higher Victoria and I just screamed and jumped in my chair lolololol overreacting much. How embarrassing but well, IT'S NOT EVERYDAY YOU BEAT VICTORIA IN MATH! Even if it's just one little mark of a difference. Haha, most of the mistakes were careless mistakes I would beat myself up for. :-( I am so careless ugh ugh ugh ugggggh. Tomorrow's letter-writing test, CANNOT screw up!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Burning brain

Fever, headache, muscle aches and sore throat.......oh gosh I'm dying here. Feel so weak and ughghghghgh. -________- I hate being sick. :-( I hope I hurry up get better so I can go to school tomorrow. There's a lit. test and I don't wanna miss out on lessons.

Sometimes I wish I weren't such a nerd lol. I don't feel like eating anything and I'm bored out of my wits. Sleep too much will get even worse headache. Doing physics, even worse. What to do what to do what to do........

Band outing will be this upcoming Saturday! I can't wait heh heh. I hope the BBQ pits aren't fully booked since it's like the Saturday before the March holidays. I don't like letting people down. I d k I hope everything goes well. Spent the whole of last night with Victoria planning the band outing and slept at like 1am. Everything had better be worth it. Or I'll just go mad ok seriously ASDFGHJKL.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Cross-Country 2012

Guess what, FEARON WON CROSS-COUNTRY 2012!!!!! Hahah, it's mainly the effort of the Sec 1s and 3s though. Almost three quarters of the Sec 3s in the top 50 were from Fearon!!!!!!! WOOHOOO KEEP CALM AND FEAR-ON. ;-) Cwidt lololol. I really wanted to get a medal this year. Only the top 25 will get a medal. I was like 36th. :-( And Victoria was 37 and Kimberly 38 HAHAHA. Before the run we were like "We must show everyone that band people are fit!!!" LOL AND SEE WHAT HAPPENED. O well at least I improved from Sec 1. Haha, people are so competitive this year! I guess everyone wants a medal huh. This year's medal is soooo much smaller than 2010's though! Hmm I wonder why............... But on another note, almost half of 3/6 got into the top 50!!!! WE R COOL NERDS o yeaaaaah~~~~~~

After cross-country, there's band at 1:30pm. We were dismissed from West Coast Park (which is horribly secluded) at 10:40am like that. Doublereeds were supposed to go for section lunch with the euphoniums (boesooniums!!!!) but then trombones came in so we, being kind and gracious and magnanimous and cool, decided to go on our own section lunch. ;-)

At first, we wanted to go Bukit Panjang Plaza to eat Swensens but the cab uncle didn't wanna fetch 5 people in the cab so we took a bus to Haw Par Villa MRT to go to Bishan's Swensens. At the MRT station platform thingo, we saw the trombones and euphies! Hahah it was so.....WHY ARE YOU HERE????! HAHAHHAHA that kind of thing. And then somehow we all decided to go to Holland Village's Swensens.

Lim An and I decided to chiong out of the MRT to get seats for our section HAHAHA. Ran like a mad auntie oh gosh I really embarrassed myself. Well, had a very nice meal at Swensens yay. ^^ They have the Weekday Lunch Special where you can order a main dish and get a free sundae. Being typical cheapos, we all chose those expensive expensive sundaes HAHA. They also had this Student's Happy Hour promotion going on, where you get a free flow of soft drinks. I think the trombones and euphos didn't know about the sundae-promotion so they went with the free drinks. We felt so shiok ok HAHAHHA FREE ICE CREAM EH. ^_^ The bill became $84.20. -______- SERVICE CHARGE + GST WAS LIKE $11 EH WTS the service wasn't very good either. There was this gigantic group of ACS people so like the waiters and waitresses were more concerned about them. :-(

Anyway we were the last section to finish eating so chionged to school. And met flute section in the MRT LOL this world is too small. Ok not really. So "raced" them back to school. -____- I hate running after eating so much ugh. :-(

Band was until 4:30pm today and it was all pure sectionals. Had fun during sectionals! My section is da best pl0x. Can't wait for Polka!VI and rly rly rly hope Ms Chong won't reject our ~ensemble~. :P

Supposed to end at 4:30pm, got on the bus at 5:50pm.