Thursday, March 01, 2012

Cross-Country 2012

Guess what, FEARON WON CROSS-COUNTRY 2012!!!!! Hahah, it's mainly the effort of the Sec 1s and 3s though. Almost three quarters of the Sec 3s in the top 50 were from Fearon!!!!!!! WOOHOOO KEEP CALM AND FEAR-ON. ;-) Cwidt lololol. I really wanted to get a medal this year. Only the top 25 will get a medal. I was like 36th. :-( And Victoria was 37 and Kimberly 38 HAHAHA. Before the run we were like "We must show everyone that band people are fit!!!" LOL AND SEE WHAT HAPPENED. O well at least I improved from Sec 1. Haha, people are so competitive this year! I guess everyone wants a medal huh. This year's medal is soooo much smaller than 2010's though! Hmm I wonder why............... But on another note, almost half of 3/6 got into the top 50!!!! WE R COOL NERDS o yeaaaaah~~~~~~

After cross-country, there's band at 1:30pm. We were dismissed from West Coast Park (which is horribly secluded) at 10:40am like that. Doublereeds were supposed to go for section lunch with the euphoniums (boesooniums!!!!) but then trombones came in so we, being kind and gracious and magnanimous and cool, decided to go on our own section lunch. ;-)

At first, we wanted to go Bukit Panjang Plaza to eat Swensens but the cab uncle didn't wanna fetch 5 people in the cab so we took a bus to Haw Par Villa MRT to go to Bishan's Swensens. At the MRT station platform thingo, we saw the trombones and euphies! Hahah it was so.....WHY ARE YOU HERE????! HAHAHHAHA that kind of thing. And then somehow we all decided to go to Holland Village's Swensens.

Lim An and I decided to chiong out of the MRT to get seats for our section HAHAHA. Ran like a mad auntie oh gosh I really embarrassed myself. Well, had a very nice meal at Swensens yay. ^^ They have the Weekday Lunch Special where you can order a main dish and get a free sundae. Being typical cheapos, we all chose those expensive expensive sundaes HAHA. They also had this Student's Happy Hour promotion going on, where you get a free flow of soft drinks. I think the trombones and euphos didn't know about the sundae-promotion so they went with the free drinks. We felt so shiok ok HAHAHHA FREE ICE CREAM EH. ^_^ The bill became $84.20. -______- SERVICE CHARGE + GST WAS LIKE $11 EH WTS the service wasn't very good either. There was this gigantic group of ACS people so like the waiters and waitresses were more concerned about them. :-(

Anyway we were the last section to finish eating so chionged to school. And met flute section in the MRT LOL this world is too small. Ok not really. So "raced" them back to school. -____- I hate running after eating so much ugh. :-(

Band was until 4:30pm today and it was all pure sectionals. Had fun during sectionals! My section is da best pl0x. Can't wait for Polka!VI and rly rly rly hope Ms Chong won't reject our ~ensemble~. :P

Supposed to end at 4:30pm, got on the bus at 5:50pm.


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