Wednesday, March 07, 2012

2 more days!


I'm sure everyone can't wait. Going to school at 8am sure beats going to school at 7am! Yup daz right, who are we kidding? We are all going to have to go back to school for CCA and extra lessons. My only free day is Wednesday and of course I'm going to spend it at home doing homework. Le sigh. The sole enjoyment of this one-week holiday is dim-sum buffet lunch on Tuesday! ^_^ Can't wait to stuff myself with egg tarts and all that. Heheheheh I love dim sum. ;-)

Had a lit. test today and my hand was shaking like mad after I passed it up. Not so confident for the test though. The question was kind of hard to write about and I had a mental block before I even looked at the paper....................... O well, hope Graded Assignment will save me!

Also, we got back our A. and E. Math test papers. Let me just say that I love math. :'-) For E. Math I got like 1 mark higher Victoria and I just screamed and jumped in my chair lolololol overreacting much. How embarrassing but well, IT'S NOT EVERYDAY YOU BEAT VICTORIA IN MATH! Even if it's just one little mark of a difference. Haha, most of the mistakes were careless mistakes I would beat myself up for. :-( I am so careless ugh ugh ugh ugggggh. Tomorrow's letter-writing test, CANNOT screw up!

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