Saturday, March 10, 2012

Band Outing 2012

Today was band outing! Oh oops, we're supposed to say band FRIENDS outing. ;-) We had a bbq, went to my old house (and Daphne's present house) The Petals! Felt so nostalgic going back there. :'-)

Played with the comm. a little while before the band members started arriving. The sky was threatening to rain though. :-'(

When more people came, we started playing the lightstick game, which is basically like a treasure hunt. Daphne came down with her camera and we did what bimbos do. ;-) HAHA.

Then, we played the bangle game, which is just basically to people bonded together by a paper bangle running around breaking other people's bangles. ;-) Victoria and I played in that game, and Rebecca ripped off our bangle when she was already "out" of the game, unfair much. >:( But o well.

Haha overall the games were quite fun! Just that there were not really a lot of people to play.

The barbeque-ing people were barbequing the food while we were playing the games. Took quite a while to get the fire and all started as the wind was blowing like some mad tornado. And in the end it rained, so had to salvage as much food as possible to bring down to the Function Room.

After we moved most of the things down, the rain cleared up. -______- Haha so just the committee bbq food and band members stay in the Function Room. I think some people got bored and left. :'-( And some people came up to offer the comm. members food, so nice. :'-) Even though they weren't supposed to.......... Heh.

Anyway as people were complaining of boredom, we decided to get them to gather down to the green field area to play games! Played Whacko and Dog-And-Bone. Was quite successful heh. ^_^

Was so horribly tired by the end of the whole bbq and went to West Mall with Daphne to get Gong Cha. And remnisenced the ~old days~ LOL. Ok that's all, pictures tell a thousand words right!!

Flute section


Light stick smile 8)

D. Reeds <3

Look at her face LOL

Thanks Daph!!!!!

Treasure hunt

Sang Ah :-)

Bangle game

Bbq in the rain!!! :'-)

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