Friday, March 23, 2012

E-Learning and Hungry Games

Today is E-Learning Day and I've been doing work since like 8am! That's like 3 hours already oh my. I planned to wake up at like 7:30am and immediately start but woke up at 8 instead tsk. Hahah, today 3/6 only has Physics, Chem, Bio and E Math!!! I will NOT do PE homework nuh uh. So far done with everything but E. Math. Everyone is complaining how inequalities are rocket science and everything. Hm, interesting.

Going to meet Daphne at Farrer MRT at 12:30pm and still at home, CLUELESS on what to wear. :/ We're going to VivoCity with Victoria, Clare, Hazel, Ci Min, Gaby and who knows who else. I really need to make friends in 3/6 lol so far haven't been trying to ~talk~ to other people in class cos I'm such a nerd. O well. We're going to eat at Marche and watch the Hunger Games!!! Quite excited but also a bit heart pain. My money............. :'( And I lost the section competition thing to Lim An aish must treat her to Sogurt. Knowing Lim An, she'll probably fill her cup until cannot put anymore already. :'(

Anyway Polka!VI: Musical Potpourri is next week!!!! 7 more days to Polka, 7 more days to seniors step down. Sigh, I'm quite afraid for when the seniors step down. What will happen to our standard.... IT'S OKAY. WE WILL WORK HARD FOR SYF NEXT YEAR. Stupid 170th Anniversary, we could spend the time practicing for SYF instead of that. And tickets are like $20, $50 and $100. SERIOUSLY?

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