Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games

As I mentioned in the previous post, I went to Vivo to watch The Hunger Games with Daphne, Victoria, Hazel, Ci Min, Clare, Caryl and Gaby today!

Arrived at Marche like 30 minutes late with Daphne oops. Had this roasted chicken crepe thing and margarita sauteed mushroom pizza which I shared with Victoria and Daphne. It was SO GOOD!!! Love Marche again woo hoo. :-)

After eating until our stomachs exploded, went to buy Gong Cha double woo hoo. Herbal jelly milk tea mmmmm.

Sat beside Victoria and Daphne in the cinema and I think I was being really annoying LOL. I kept laughing ahahah, I found those non-funny parts very funny. And when the guy said "I've been watching you walk home everyday since then" something like that, I was like "CREEP" hahahhaha oops.  And everyone was so hot! Haha, Clare was like "I can't decide who is the hottest because they're ALL SO HOT!!!" Amen to that! Hazel and Ci Min were screaming quite loudly and Victoria kept laughing her airy laugh hahahaha.

Overall, it's a really good movie!!! Not the best, but still very good! Better than the Twilight sagas anyway. The ending was such a cliffhanger sobzxczxczxczxc. Ok I shall not spoil it for any of you who hasn't watched it yet. ^_^ The movie was so long, about two and a half hours. When it ended I just went back home and got stuck in a traffic jam along Coronation Plaza for like AN HOUR. Oh wonderful end to the day.

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