Saturday, March 31, 2012

Polka!VI: Musical Potpourri

Today was Polka! :-) I don't think our playing was very spectacular but the audience seemed to like it, especially Rolling In The Deep!!! I don't know if many people sang but quite a few clapped along! I love it when the audience interacts with the performers like this, it's kind of cool. :-) Halfway through Bolero, I saw Nicholas, Sin Ching and Bernadynn coming in and then they got chased out by the prefect and sat upstairs after the song ended, HAHA. Kept looking at them because I didn't know where anyone else was so yeah. I think they were looking at me too?!?! HAHA YAY. Apparently Aloysius and all the other Ang Mo Kio Sec people were there too!!! Oooh gotta love supporters. 

Anyway, because of Polka, the band girls got to leave class at 12.10pm, which really doesn't make much of a difference as I only have 1 period of Chinese, PE then Assembly then. O well. Rushed down to canteen and was so busy giving out letters/presents heh heh. Had like so little time to change and ugh have I mentioned how much I hate stockings?! Bringing down the instruments/stands felt like concentration camp. Plus my bag was used as the section bag and it contained half the original scores of songs we were playing. Next year during SYF, I will NOT use my bag as section bag anymore. >:( ACS Barker was quite near school so the bus ride was rather short. This is sad. The bus was so nice and comfy, not like those cheapo buses that are stuffy and gross. :-(

Rehearsed at the concert hall/auditorium and had dinner before the concert started! Well, same old, same old.

Polka will probably be my last concert, since next year there is SYF and that is not counted as a concert. I must say I'm pretty fortunate to have played in 3 concerts in my entire band life so far. :-) First was Australia International Music Festival, second was MTDC Graduation/Ensemble Concert and now Polka! It's not a lot but better than most people anyway! I feel that Polka! wasn't really exceptionally spectacular but at least we had fun and well, everyone enjoyed themselves, and that's important too. I just hope that after Polka!, after the seniors step down, the Band will be ready to step up and train/practice hard for SYF next year. Especially with 170th Anniversary Concert in July, we need to work very very hard!

When I read the letters from the seniors, I felt so....motivated and touched, lol. I hope we won't disappoint them. Very nervous and scared for the future of the Band now, sigh. At least now that Polka! is over, we'll have more time for studies. Mid-years are approaching at an acceleration of 9.81m/s^2 and before we know it, it will be our turn to take the O Levels. Time flies too fast.

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