Monday, April 30, 2012

so close yet so far

End of exams are in 9 days woo hoo. This is the worst exams so far. :'( Screwed up MT and SS today ugh so annoyed with myself. It's ok...............I shall try to salvage my other subjects. 6 more to go!

Labour Day tomorrow, gonna be spent labouring over bio and e math yay

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gong Cha or no Gong Cha?

I am getting fatter and fatter boo. :'-( It's okay exercise during holidays!!! (what I say every holiday) Anyway yeah Gong Cha or no Gong Cha? Sob the hardest decision in life.

Cut my hair today and the hairdresser just destroyed all my hydrogen bonds. It's super short now everyone don't laugh.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Short nights and long days

Spent 8 hours of my life today doing math, math, math (think the Logs song), second best friend to cats....ok. Sigh so frustrated with both E./A. Math. There's so many types of questions that we haven't been ~exposed~ to ugh I'm lucky I have my dad who is a math teacher.

Speaking of dads, my dad cooked dinner today (and I washed up but o well...)! He made xiao long bao ahahahah so happy. ^_^ Even though it was kinda stuck together but whatever. And I found Marshmallow Pebbles at home!!! Joy.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Eggcite in Bzb

Just came back from Bzb (ok that was 3 hours ago but who's counting) and it was quite fun eheheh.

Got squashed in a crowded bus on the way to Rail Mall. Did I mention how much I hate crowded buses, especially if people just crowd and squish you? Ugh.

Okay anyway, ate at Cough Yi Bean with Jamie, ahhhh good times. ;') Then Keane walked past with his dad and kept staring at us just like 18 weeks ago.

We went to class early and asked laoshi some questions on how to write good compos since Chinese paper is on Monday and I bet everyone there (3 people only lol) thought I was some hardcore nerd but o well. Then Keane and Gee came in and blablabla. So many original Friday people quit/disappeared sob it wasn't the same without the stepsisters and Fwankz and the triplets etc etc etc. After class, I said hi to Gee and he just ignored me like WTS. Hahahah then after that he texted me to apologize (?). LOL. Yup that is all I miss Bzb with Jamsterz.

And guess who just finished studying for chem and is going to spend tomorrow at McDonald's doing math math math (Rule of Three)

One down, many more to go

English paper today was quite all right....Paper 1 was relatively easy but Paper 2 was a killer, and well, Listening Comprehension is just what it is. I don't want to say anything until we get back the results, heh. I heard there's Starbucks 1-for-1 promotion today so we planned to go to Starbucks after the papers finished but Kelley didn't wanna go and it only started at 3pm so o well.

I'm going to Bzb later with Jamie for like the first time in 18 weeks wow wow wow. ;-) Eggcited to see the old Friday league people hahahahahahaha ok.

Oh Waisiang changed my Twitter password already so I guess it's Twitter fast till 9 May!

2 more weeks of hardcore mugging, Lord please give me strength.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I know it's one day (night) before the start of the Mid Year exams but I just felt like I had to talk/post/rant about this first. Ok.

I can't stand people who stereotype other people. I mean, who does? It could be for the better or worse, for example, Person A scores really well in tests/exams and all that and always does homework and studies a lot even when there isn't any tests. This doesn't make her ~exclusively~ special and above everyone else. It also doesn't mean that she will always be the best at everything, and nobody else can ever be better than her. Please. On the flipside, Person B doesn't study at all and plays truant and all that. This doesn't make her "hopeless". She can still turn over a new leaf (cliche but well) and turn her life around right? We shouldn't be so quick to judge and come to conclusions. Actually, we are all guilty of this. Humans are just wired this way. Just like the saying, "don't judge a book by it's cover". Honestly, first impressions count, and the very first impression you make on someone is by their appearance, no? Anyway, most of the people in my life belong to the first category of stereotypes. Everyone just assumes that these people who do really well are always above the rest. Really? They are the same as everyone else. People aren't born smart. You have to work for it. Scoring higher grades/etc just shows that these people just put in more effort. Anyway. It's just so annoying. People are so annoying. Also, if you want to compare, at least make a fair comparison. And have higher standards.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2 days to Mid Years

Yup 2 days to MYE and I just came back from Pizza Hut. What am I doing.

Stayed in school for 10 hours today oh my. :'-( I SURVIVED. Had bio remedial until 5pm+ and had to lug 8 books and 2 files back home on the crowded bus. It's so pointless since we don't even use much of the books and files, except for those science-y subjects. But still... The 174 bus was so crowded and Daphne and I looked like nerds carrying so many books and trying to balance LOLOLOL. Then we couldn't take it anymore (after about 2 seconds) and dumped our books + bag on the ledge thingy on the bus. Plus we have the same (kind) of bags so it looked super cool HAHAHAHAHA I am not being weird here's evidence.

See plus bio textbook on the front and then wallet on top WOR ;-) hehehehheh okay other than that today was unproductive. Which is why I will not sleep till I finish the E Math papers.

I'm so scared for Mid Years because I feel very unprepared oh poo. I don't want to do badly. :'-(

Oh yes and Jiangyue's principal from China came to our class today and kept taking photos/videos with Jiangyue and totally ignored the other beautiful faces sob

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3 days till Mid Years

Got back Chem and English comprehension tests today, DOUBLE BOOM POW hahah. Didn't do as well as expected but I guess it's still quite all right... :/ Just finished doing (attempting, more like) the Chem past year papers and I feel so so so so so unprepared. Oh well, at least I asked Waisiang to help me change my Twitter password so I won't get distracted from ma hardcore studying. HEHEHEHEH. Actually, maybe Twitter helps me study, especially bio......I remember last year/this year the day (night) before a test everyone would be tweeting about all the study stuff they "revised" hahaha like spammation of random facts (not very random as they will make or break your score but yeah).

I'm just online to download the bio notes Gaby got from Jewel that Ms Ong gave 3/4. Yay and waiting for my cup noodles to cook heh heh okbai.

Monday, April 23, 2012

4 more days to Mid Years

Yes it's only 4 more days left till the flurry of exams and then BOOM it'll be gone in a flash. :-) See, the exams begin on 27/04, which is like the later part of April, and ends on 09/05 which is the beginning of May! So technically, the exams are from late April to early May, which is like no time at all. ;-) I am very good at comforting myself.

Anyway, I can't wait till the exams are over! So many things I want to do hehheheheheh ^^

Ok productive night tonight. Tonight's one of the rare nights I get to sleep before midnight, so I should get my butt to bed and not be talking to myself here kthxbai.

P.S. Today was Jessica's birthday YAY :-) Happy birthday Jessica!!! Even though I don't think she will see this. Well.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Son, Why Don 

Nothing really great about a 100th post hahaha. Well, it's 12.59am in the morning (well duh) and my eyes are bleeding. Did the past year papers for both maths and I am officially brain dead. The fact that I couldn't solve almost a third of the questions in the A Math paper is just so demoralizing. Finding out that you actually aren't very good at something after deluding yourself that you're fine with it is just so depressing. :-/

I wrote out an entire list on the topics that are covered for the Mid Year Exams and so far, I've only scraped through 6/27 topics. This is not even including languages and humanities. If I'm feeling this anxious/worried about the Mid Years, I don't even want to think about the End of Year Exams. Oh my.

Mrs Rethinam is going to change our seats for the next semester according to how well we do in the MYE. "Smarter" people will sit at the back while those who don't do so well sit in front. I want to sit in front but it isn't worth doing horribly for the exams.

I so badly need to do well. I want to prove to everyone that I'm able. Nowadays I kind of see people and gauge how much of a competition they pose to me. I am turning into a monster. :-( It's all right. I'll be a heartless robotic nerdo wermo and after the exams, I'll be humane again. :-) I want to do so many things after the exams heh heh. It's frightening how little time we actually have to let loose and enjoy life. O's are just around the corner (yes, it is so wake up) and soon we'll be mugging like zombies. After O's, there'll still be the bigger stress of college and the A-lvls, and then there's University where the level of stress and pressure will go sky high. After graduation, it'll be the start of adult life and working and all that. And then you die. So basically, once you enter primary school, it's a never ending road of work in front of you.

Nights, xx.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Too many things to do

Oral was horrible.
11 MYE past year papers to do.
Nutella ice cream from Island Creamery in the fridge.
4 hours to finish.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hillsong United in SMSS

Hillsong United came to SMSS for chapel today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darlene Zschech led the worship session and it was so good. When Aunty Florence (?) announced that Hillsong was going to lead in worship I didn't really believe it lol. I MEAN, HELLO?!?!?! But yes miracles happen and I cannot stress yet again how good the worship session was. ^_^ By far the best chapel session in SMSS. The Sec 4s were so into the mood and really sang out loud! I did too hahah, it feels great to sing out loud for God in school environment, LOL well weird but yeah. It was super cool when Darlene sang without the mic so you could really hear all the voices of each and every girl. WE ARE GREAT SINGERS MAN.

After school ended, I succumbed to temptation and went to Sogurt with Daphne after so long of not eating Sogurt. I am not going to go out ever again until the Mid Years end ahahahah motivation! And Chem test today wasn't THAT bad, as most people said it was...................................................................that is until Tuesday when Ms Tan gives us back our papers.

Oh well today was a good day

Chinese oral tomorrow with Low K K wonderful

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Five stations for NAPFA today and I screwed up pull ups and standing broad jumps. >:( I don't care I want to retake hdgfkjbdfjhvbjvhjfekgvbfjdvhjbfd. But the rest were quite all right hahaha. :-)

They let us do it in the hall with air-con on, but there were like five classes taking the tests together and alternate stations. I think our time slot (last one for the day boo) was with 4E6, 4E4, 2E2 and whoever else. It doesn't really matter.

After NAPFA, I went to West Mall to buy Gong Cha with Daphne. Walked around for a bit while waiting for my dad to come when Daphne showed me a picture of Boy Thunder (the 91.3FM deejay) and his brother and I realized the "brother" looks a lot like Daniel Yap!!!!!!! My primary school school mate lol.

Anyway, Daphne asked her junior what BT's actual name etc. was because they're like, church mates and BINGO IT'D THE SAME DANIEL YAP. Hahah ok maybe I sound like a stalker but it's not everyday that you get to know someone related to someone not-very-but-still-adequately famous. ;-) Hahahhahaa oh well.

Chem test tomorrow and I'm really scared for it. Came home only at 8pm or 9pm today and spent an hour doing SS which isn't even due tomorrow before studying for Chem. Somehow, I can't not do homework. Hahah, I'll feel very insecure oh my. Anyway, most people who took the test already said it's really hard and someone even cried after the paper. I can't afford to do badly oh no. Mid Years start next week and so far I'm not done with anything yet. Woohoo.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Count your blessings


Why are people complaining so much? Complaining over the smallest things, such as their phones not working properly, or their computers are laggy, whatever. People living in First World countries don't know how to be thankful for what they have. I'm guilty of this too. Our lives are so busy, even school kids are insanely busy, that we don't have time to reflect and count our blessings. We take all these things for granted. We don't have to worry about where our next mean will come from, or where we will sleep tonight. These are simple things that we can be thankful for, instead of complaining about what others have that we do not. If other people have nice things, so be it. Life isn't all about competing with other people to see who has nicer things. You just have to be satisfied with what you have and enjoy every morsel of it. Other less fortunate people envy the lives we are living so much. If we're sick, we go see a doctor. If we're hungry, we buy food to eat. Simple as that. We don't have to hunt for food, etc. Well, what I guess I'm really saying is, be thankful for what you are and quit whining about stupid things like a spoilt brat.


Ran 2.4km for NAPFA today and I improved by so much! 12:44 minutes yay. ^_^ Hopefully next year can get < 12 minutes heh heh heh. I wanna get a gold omg especially since it'll be included in the holistic certificate thingamajig thing, but my pull-ups always pull me down sob. :'( 5 stations is going to be AFTER SCHOOL on Thursday. This is stupid. No one in their right mind would want to stay back after school for NAPFA. Sheesh, I could be at home studying for Chem test on Friday! :-(

Went around collecting orders for band photos today with Wongy Pongy. This is the first year I look all right in both class and band photos!!! :-) :-) :-)

That's all, physics test tomorrow whoop.

Oh yes and I realized we still have one whole chapter of Bio to go before Mid Years, and it's like a super huge topic - Transport in Humans. We have 1 week to cover everything wow. I think I have to self-study Bio already. WE ARE GOING TOO SLOW like a snail like Sang Ah. ;-)

Okay that's really all.

Monday, April 16, 2012

11 days to Mid Years

The title says it all. I am excited for Mid Years to be over, have so many plans with so many people with so much fun fun fun yay. Most of the time the plans fail people fail fun fails but oh well hope it's different this time round! Ha.

Upcoming tests:
17/04 - Bio
18/04- Chem
19/04 - Physics

Whoop whoop

Happened to see some old classmate's photos on Facebook and they changed so much! Like wow. Most of the guys have abs and all that already like whaaaaat so fast?!?! But I suppose everyone looks different now, including myself. I hope that's a good thing. ;-) Got back the class photos and IC photos today. Remember I said that I wore a giant plaster on my forehead the day we took the IC photo? WELL THE PHOTOGRAPHY PEOPLE SOMEHOW CROPPED IT OUT and it's so unseen oh wow wow wow very impressive. Hahah but I still look, just like everyone else, h o r r i b l e. Class photos weren't that bad, about time. I've lived through 8 years of horrible class photos, finally there's one that looks fine. :-)

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Today is a rather sad day. Last band practice before the Mid Years. To add to that, it's science week next week so yep tests on Tuesday Wednesday Thursday, and my bio textbook is in school, and I have zero motivation to study. I realized that I dislike a lot of people and I have very few friends who I can really talk to and trust. My life is miserable. :'(

On a brighter note, comm. bonding today was quite fun, in a way. There's always a dark side to everything anyway.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Never ending cataloguing

Stayed back till about 5:30pm yesterday to catalog scores when Ms Zee chased us all out. I'm so tired oh my I'm not even done with 1 cupboard! Sigh pie. And I didn't get to practice much of ma favourite song heh heh heh ;-) I have concluded that the arranged version of First Suite isn't very nice...ahem ahem.

Today is International Friendship Day!!! We only had 5 periods of proper lessons. ;-) I tried to do the friendship band thing but it got so messed up it ended up looking like a tribal patterned thingamajig. More than half the class were either CCA leaders/prefects/class committee so they all went off early for prefect's commendation. Felt so weird without the prefects yelling at us to "Girls, hurry up!" on the way to assembly. :-)

Ok I have a truckload of homework waiting for me and I am proud to say that physics and maths are being very mean today ok bye.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Goodbye, KAP

I just heard that the McDonald's at King Albert Park is going to close down! It was bought over by some boutique firm or something, according to channelnewsasia (reliable source)! This is so sad there is no word to describe it.

KAP Macs has been there ever since I could remember! In primary school, I would go there like once a week (yes I know it's unhealthy) and just hang around there doing nothing. Now during important exam periods I would go there to study and be super productive while eating seaweed shaker fries and now, NO MORE. Sob. There are so many memories there!!! If I were to list them down, ok not THAT many but still! Sigh, I don't know where to hang around after KAP Macs is closed. I'm not sure when though, so there's still time! I hope. There isn't another Macs near here! Ok, there's one at Beauty World but.......Beauty World?!?!?! King of ulu places. So many students, mostly from the schools in Bukit Timah, go to KAP Macs to study or use it as a meeting point etc, so what's going to happen to all these? Also, the food market near my house is going to be closed for renovation for 2 months. WHERE WILL I FIND FOOD. All right at least the market will be back in business again after 2 months (they had better renovate the flooring omg so dirty yucks) but still! Sigh.......

Oh yes, there was an earthquake in Sumatra today!!! A few people said they felt it here in Singapore and a lot of people predict that there will be a tsunami here tomorrow. Oh please. Anyway, do pray for the disaster victims! It's so coincidental, because today Mrs Chua gave us a question about the magnitude of an earthquake in Sumatra for A Math as homework...almost like she predicted it. Wow.

Anyway, I'll be going for comm. self-practice tomorrow after school yay! Not like I will actually play or anything.....too busy cataloging scores sob. Haha but I'm determined to play for at least 5 or 10 minutes!!! I want to play First Suite so bad. Omgee I am crazy ok goodnight.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Start the countdown

Mid Years are in 16 days! Hahah aren't you all excited? :-) I hate that Ms Tan is collecting the chemistry files to check because I really want to bring mine home to memorize. :-(

Still can't remember the properties of ionic compounds etc etc. If I need help, it'll be physics and chem. Oh well I think I'm getting the hang of physics already, so all the best!

I guess I won't really know where I stand until the Mid Years and we get back our report cards and everything. The exams haven't even started and I'm looking forward to the holidays already! No, not because I get to relax (ok maybe a little), but that band will start again! I want to play First Suite in Eb so badly. :-( I hope most people bring home their instruments to practice so we won't sound horrible heh heh. Oh, and also holidays mean study more means feel smarter means confidence level x 1783642785627846.

Saturday, April 07, 2012


Today during band we played First Suite in Eb!!! Ok, tried to played and only the Chaconne part. However, Ms Chong said that we'll be working on it! ;-) I still remember sitting there....on my chair....and then Ms Chong said "Take out First Suite in Eb" and I was like !!!!!!!! :D :D :D and kept spazzing the whole time.

I was in the band store looking for the library copy/original score and heard the band in the band room start playing and was so frustrated like asdfghjkl I WANNA PLAY TOO!!! Ok well there will be other opportunities!!!

If we play this for SYF next year, and if SYF is in the Singapore Conference Hall.............I will totally flip out. In happiness, of course. ;-)

The band was sight-reading the piece so obviously it didn't sound good, but oh well, we'll improve!!! 

Throughout the entire piece, I was hearing the MTDC band's First Suite in my head and oh my gosh <3 <3 <3 Kept looking at Naasyidah and Ze Hui HAHAHA. The version we played today was the adapted version, so the score was a little different. Flutes could only find their 2nd flute part so nobody played the solo that 1st flute is supposed to play. Ze Hui remembered how to play the solo and she didn't want to play!!! >:( My my.

Haha oh wow I really miss MTDC. Maybe more because the people there are really talented heheheh. We only had about like 10 practices together before our concert! Mmmm sad that I'll never experience it again.

Here's the recording for the MTDC Graduation Concert for the 2011 batch, First Suite in Eb. ;-)

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Happy birthday Mummy!

It's my mom's birthday today! I don't know what to do for her though. :-( Oh well....shall think of something soon! ;-) I feel quite bad because I always don't know what to get her and end up not doing anything. :-/

It rained elephants this morning again, second time in the week! Sigh pie, this time no one to drive me to school though. :-/ I hate taking the bus in the rain because it's always wet and cold and crowded ugh. Assembly was in the classrooms today, and Joanne told me that while walking around the Sec 3 level to "patrol", she walked from 3/5, 3/2, 3/6, 3/4 etc. She said 3/5 and 3/2 were super noisy and 3/6 was like, everyone silently doing work HAHAHA I guess we really do seem like mugger nerdo-weirdos.

Had dental appointment during bio today and I was so scared. :-( I went with Clare and while waiting, Clare kept telling me all these funny-but-scary stories about past dentist experiences. Have I ever mentioned I am very scared of dentists?!?! In primary school, the dentist drilled like a hole in my tooth and it was so painful I was scarred for life. :-( THANKS. Anyway when Clare went to do her dentist stuff Jamie suddenly walked in SO YAY I was never alone on the bench. Heh heh. Kept talking about Bzb and Guy and it was all very distracting so I totally forgot about how much I hate dentisty stuff. That's a good thing I suppose. :-)

Tomorrow there is Chinese ting xie, 40 words/idioms!!! Crazy. It's to prepare us for our test on Monday. It's so sad, learn and memorize 40 words just for like 10 questions, sigh. Oh well. Life is very sad I found out Chinese oral is on a Saturday! And they'll go by register number so I'll have to wait very very very long asdfghjkl. At least this week only have 1 graded test! :-) AND TOMORROW'S THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR THE WEEK! Good Friday is not just good, it's great. Hahaha ok lame but well.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Potential poets

Everything's back to normal, homework piling up and up and up and up and motivation going down and down and down and down. :-( I still have lit, SS, A. Math and Physics to do but I'm too lazy because it either isn't due tomorrow or it's optional. Today's lit was fun! We did poetry and had to do some fill-in-the-blanks thing to make our own poem and Mrs Yang said she likes my group's one!!! Ooooh yay this has to mean something right? Heh heh heh. Okay other than that today has been fairly horrible. Another horrible 7 weeks of school #leggo