Sunday, April 22, 2012


Son, Why Don 

Nothing really great about a 100th post hahaha. Well, it's 12.59am in the morning (well duh) and my eyes are bleeding. Did the past year papers for both maths and I am officially brain dead. The fact that I couldn't solve almost a third of the questions in the A Math paper is just so demoralizing. Finding out that you actually aren't very good at something after deluding yourself that you're fine with it is just so depressing. :-/

I wrote out an entire list on the topics that are covered for the Mid Year Exams and so far, I've only scraped through 6/27 topics. This is not even including languages and humanities. If I'm feeling this anxious/worried about the Mid Years, I don't even want to think about the End of Year Exams. Oh my.

Mrs Rethinam is going to change our seats for the next semester according to how well we do in the MYE. "Smarter" people will sit at the back while those who don't do so well sit in front. I want to sit in front but it isn't worth doing horribly for the exams.

I so badly need to do well. I want to prove to everyone that I'm able. Nowadays I kind of see people and gauge how much of a competition they pose to me. I am turning into a monster. :-( It's all right. I'll be a heartless robotic nerdo wermo and after the exams, I'll be humane again. :-) I want to do so many things after the exams heh heh. It's frightening how little time we actually have to let loose and enjoy life. O's are just around the corner (yes, it is so wake up) and soon we'll be mugging like zombies. After O's, there'll still be the bigger stress of college and the A-lvls, and then there's University where the level of stress and pressure will go sky high. After graduation, it'll be the start of adult life and working and all that. And then you die. So basically, once you enter primary school, it's a never ending road of work in front of you.

Nights, xx.

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