Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3 days till Mid Years

Got back Chem and English comprehension tests today, DOUBLE BOOM POW hahah. Didn't do as well as expected but I guess it's still quite all right... :/ Just finished doing (attempting, more like) the Chem past year papers and I feel so so so so so unprepared. Oh well, at least I asked Waisiang to help me change my Twitter password so I won't get distracted from ma hardcore studying. HEHEHEHEH. Actually, maybe Twitter helps me study, especially bio......I remember last year/this year the day (night) before a test everyone would be tweeting about all the study stuff they "revised" hahaha like spammation of random facts (not very random as they will make or break your score but yeah).

I'm just online to download the bio notes Gaby got from Jewel that Ms Ong gave 3/4. Yay and waiting for my cup noodles to cook heh heh okbai.

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