Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2 days to Mid Years

Yup 2 days to MYE and I just came back from Pizza Hut. What am I doing.

Stayed in school for 10 hours today oh my. :'-( I SURVIVED. Had bio remedial until 5pm+ and had to lug 8 books and 2 files back home on the crowded bus. It's so pointless since we don't even use much of the books and files, except for those science-y subjects. But still... The 174 bus was so crowded and Daphne and I looked like nerds carrying so many books and trying to balance LOLOLOL. Then we couldn't take it anymore (after about 2 seconds) and dumped our books + bag on the ledge thingy on the bus. Plus we have the same (kind) of bags so it looked super cool HAHAHAHAHA I am not being weird here's evidence.

See plus bio textbook on the front and then wallet on top WOR ;-) hehehehheh okay other than that today was unproductive. Which is why I will not sleep till I finish the E Math papers.

I'm so scared for Mid Years because I feel very unprepared oh poo. I don't want to do badly. :'-(

Oh yes and Jiangyue's principal from China came to our class today and kept taking photos/videos with Jiangyue and totally ignored the other beautiful faces sob

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