Thursday, April 26, 2012


I know it's one day (night) before the start of the Mid Year exams but I just felt like I had to talk/post/rant about this first. Ok.

I can't stand people who stereotype other people. I mean, who does? It could be for the better or worse, for example, Person A scores really well in tests/exams and all that and always does homework and studies a lot even when there isn't any tests. This doesn't make her ~exclusively~ special and above everyone else. It also doesn't mean that she will always be the best at everything, and nobody else can ever be better than her. Please. On the flipside, Person B doesn't study at all and plays truant and all that. This doesn't make her "hopeless". She can still turn over a new leaf (cliche but well) and turn her life around right? We shouldn't be so quick to judge and come to conclusions. Actually, we are all guilty of this. Humans are just wired this way. Just like the saying, "don't judge a book by it's cover". Honestly, first impressions count, and the very first impression you make on someone is by their appearance, no? Anyway, most of the people in my life belong to the first category of stereotypes. Everyone just assumes that these people who do really well are always above the rest. Really? They are the same as everyone else. People aren't born smart. You have to work for it. Scoring higher grades/etc just shows that these people just put in more effort. Anyway. It's just so annoying. People are so annoying. Also, if you want to compare, at least make a fair comparison. And have higher standards.

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