Friday, April 27, 2012

Eggcite in Bzb

Just came back from Bzb (ok that was 3 hours ago but who's counting) and it was quite fun eheheh.

Got squashed in a crowded bus on the way to Rail Mall. Did I mention how much I hate crowded buses, especially if people just crowd and squish you? Ugh.

Okay anyway, ate at Cough Yi Bean with Jamie, ahhhh good times. ;') Then Keane walked past with his dad and kept staring at us just like 18 weeks ago.

We went to class early and asked laoshi some questions on how to write good compos since Chinese paper is on Monday and I bet everyone there (3 people only lol) thought I was some hardcore nerd but o well. Then Keane and Gee came in and blablabla. So many original Friday people quit/disappeared sob it wasn't the same without the stepsisters and Fwankz and the triplets etc etc etc. After class, I said hi to Gee and he just ignored me like WTS. Hahahah then after that he texted me to apologize (?). LOL. Yup that is all I miss Bzb with Jamsterz.

And guess who just finished studying for chem and is going to spend tomorrow at McDonald's doing math math math (Rule of Three)

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