Saturday, April 07, 2012


Today during band we played First Suite in Eb!!! Ok, tried to played and only the Chaconne part. However, Ms Chong said that we'll be working on it! ;-) I still remember sitting there....on my chair....and then Ms Chong said "Take out First Suite in Eb" and I was like !!!!!!!! :D :D :D and kept spazzing the whole time.

I was in the band store looking for the library copy/original score and heard the band in the band room start playing and was so frustrated like asdfghjkl I WANNA PLAY TOO!!! Ok well there will be other opportunities!!!

If we play this for SYF next year, and if SYF is in the Singapore Conference Hall.............I will totally flip out. In happiness, of course. ;-)

The band was sight-reading the piece so obviously it didn't sound good, but oh well, we'll improve!!! 

Throughout the entire piece, I was hearing the MTDC band's First Suite in my head and oh my gosh <3 <3 <3 Kept looking at Naasyidah and Ze Hui HAHAHA. The version we played today was the adapted version, so the score was a little different. Flutes could only find their 2nd flute part so nobody played the solo that 1st flute is supposed to play. Ze Hui remembered how to play the solo and she didn't want to play!!! >:( My my.

Haha oh wow I really miss MTDC. Maybe more because the people there are really talented heheheh. We only had about like 10 practices together before our concert! Mmmm sad that I'll never experience it again.

Here's the recording for the MTDC Graduation Concert for the 2011 batch, First Suite in Eb. ;-)

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