Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Start the countdown

Mid Years are in 16 days! Hahah aren't you all excited? :-) I hate that Ms Tan is collecting the chemistry files to check because I really want to bring mine home to memorize. :-(

Still can't remember the properties of ionic compounds etc etc. If I need help, it'll be physics and chem. Oh well I think I'm getting the hang of physics already, so all the best!

I guess I won't really know where I stand until the Mid Years and we get back our report cards and everything. The exams haven't even started and I'm looking forward to the holidays already! No, not because I get to relax (ok maybe a little), but that band will start again! I want to play First Suite in Eb so badly. :-( I hope most people bring home their instruments to practice so we won't sound horrible heh heh. Oh, and also holidays mean study more means feel smarter means confidence level x 1783642785627846.

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