Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Goodbye, KAP

I just heard that the McDonald's at King Albert Park is going to close down! It was bought over by some boutique firm or something, according to channelnewsasia (reliable source)! This is so sad there is no word to describe it.

KAP Macs has been there ever since I could remember! In primary school, I would go there like once a week (yes I know it's unhealthy) and just hang around there doing nothing. Now during important exam periods I would go there to study and be super productive while eating seaweed shaker fries and now, NO MORE. Sob. There are so many memories there!!! If I were to list them down, ok not THAT many but still! Sigh, I don't know where to hang around after KAP Macs is closed. I'm not sure when though, so there's still time! I hope. There isn't another Macs near here! Ok, there's one at Beauty World but.......Beauty World?!?!?! King of ulu places. So many students, mostly from the schools in Bukit Timah, go to KAP Macs to study or use it as a meeting point etc, so what's going to happen to all these? Also, the food market near my house is going to be closed for renovation for 2 months. WHERE WILL I FIND FOOD. All right at least the market will be back in business again after 2 months (they had better renovate the flooring omg so dirty yucks) but still! Sigh.......

Oh yes, there was an earthquake in Sumatra today!!! A few people said they felt it here in Singapore and a lot of people predict that there will be a tsunami here tomorrow. Oh please. Anyway, do pray for the disaster victims! It's so coincidental, because today Mrs Chua gave us a question about the magnitude of an earthquake in Sumatra for A Math as homework...almost like she predicted it. Wow.

Anyway, I'll be going for comm. self-practice tomorrow after school yay! Not like I will actually play or anything.....too busy cataloging scores sob. Haha but I'm determined to play for at least 5 or 10 minutes!!! I want to play First Suite so bad. Omgee I am crazy ok goodnight.

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