Friday, April 13, 2012

Never ending cataloguing

Stayed back till about 5:30pm yesterday to catalog scores when Ms Zee chased us all out. I'm so tired oh my I'm not even done with 1 cupboard! Sigh pie. And I didn't get to practice much of ma favourite song heh heh heh ;-) I have concluded that the arranged version of First Suite isn't very nice...ahem ahem.

Today is International Friendship Day!!! We only had 5 periods of proper lessons. ;-) I tried to do the friendship band thing but it got so messed up it ended up looking like a tribal patterned thingamajig. More than half the class were either CCA leaders/prefects/class committee so they all went off early for prefect's commendation. Felt so weird without the prefects yelling at us to "Girls, hurry up!" on the way to assembly. :-)

Ok I have a truckload of homework waiting for me and I am proud to say that physics and maths are being very mean today ok bye.


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