Monday, April 16, 2012

11 days to Mid Years

The title says it all. I am excited for Mid Years to be over, have so many plans with so many people with so much fun fun fun yay. Most of the time the plans fail people fail fun fails but oh well hope it's different this time round! Ha.

Upcoming tests:
17/04 - Bio
18/04- Chem
19/04 - Physics

Whoop whoop

Happened to see some old classmate's photos on Facebook and they changed so much! Like wow. Most of the guys have abs and all that already like whaaaaat so fast?!?! But I suppose everyone looks different now, including myself. I hope that's a good thing. ;-) Got back the class photos and IC photos today. Remember I said that I wore a giant plaster on my forehead the day we took the IC photo? WELL THE PHOTOGRAPHY PEOPLE SOMEHOW CROPPED IT OUT and it's so unseen oh wow wow wow very impressive. Hahah but I still look, just like everyone else, h o r r i b l e. Class photos weren't that bad, about time. I've lived through 8 years of horrible class photos, finally there's one that looks fine. :-)

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