Thursday, April 19, 2012


Five stations for NAPFA today and I screwed up pull ups and standing broad jumps. >:( I don't care I want to retake hdgfkjbdfjhvbjvhjfekgvbfjdvhjbfd. But the rest were quite all right hahaha. :-)

They let us do it in the hall with air-con on, but there were like five classes taking the tests together and alternate stations. I think our time slot (last one for the day boo) was with 4E6, 4E4, 2E2 and whoever else. It doesn't really matter.

After NAPFA, I went to West Mall to buy Gong Cha with Daphne. Walked around for a bit while waiting for my dad to come when Daphne showed me a picture of Boy Thunder (the 91.3FM deejay) and his brother and I realized the "brother" looks a lot like Daniel Yap!!!!!!! My primary school school mate lol.

Anyway, Daphne asked her junior what BT's actual name etc. was because they're like, church mates and BINGO IT'D THE SAME DANIEL YAP. Hahah ok maybe I sound like a stalker but it's not everyday that you get to know someone related to someone not-very-but-still-adequately famous. ;-) Hahahhahaa oh well.

Chem test tomorrow and I'm really scared for it. Came home only at 8pm or 9pm today and spent an hour doing SS which isn't even due tomorrow before studying for Chem. Somehow, I can't not do homework. Hahah, I'll feel very insecure oh my. Anyway, most people who took the test already said it's really hard and someone even cried after the paper. I can't afford to do badly oh no. Mid Years start next week and so far I'm not done with anything yet. Woohoo.

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